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About Aergo

General information

In the campaign 2018 3,275 community members were planned to be rewarded between US$250 and US$2,000 in AERGO tokens. GetAergo tool was developed to help Aergo team evaluate the Aergo community members with greatest impact to the AERGO ecosystem. The system asked community members to complete some steps before the 14th October 2018 to qualify for a free Aergo tokens reward.


Owlab team created a powerful & effective
data collecting and analyzing tool








2 months

GetAergo is a powerful tool that helped Aergo team make a fair & effective decision on who of the community members can be rewarded.

At a glance

Results and technical info

GetAergo tool helped Aergo community members to:
1. Verify their Telegram, Medium, Twitter, YouTube, Steemit, Reddit & Facebook accounts.
2. Create some content to influence AERGO ecosystem using social network accounts or outside of the major social channels.
3. Submit the proof that the contribution was actually created by certain Aergo community member.
The engine of the system collected, structurised & analyzed all the information of community members in automatic mode. After that it became easy for the Aergo Team managers to make their final decisions.

The tool we created for Aergo team did its job successfully before Aergo ICO. We were happy to make a contribution to the start of this innovative, effective new Blockchain-based system.


Owlab team worked on a time-critical web project for me in 2018. The project was delivered on time and although the requirements changed significantly over the project duration Owlab team managed to be agile, quick and responsive to our changes. The quality of work was very high allowing us to move fast and not waste time on fixes. Can highly recommend the team.

Igor Plahin
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