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Owlab helps to build a new type of communication platform, the bridge between film makers and people, who love movies.

At a glance

Recently Owlab team helped to build a bridge between film makers and people who love movies. Our clients are the famous Estonian producer and business Peeter Rebane and young talented British actor – Tom Prior. The upcoming project was a new vision of original iMDB resource, original mix of iMDB and Apple Music ideas for cinema industry application. The main aim is to build unique platform for ease and productive communication between film-makers and film-lovers.

  • Client:
    UK Entertaiment Company “Priority Productions”
  • Industry:
  • Type:
    Web platform
  • Time to deliver:
    10 months


Starting with initial product vision the Owlab team dived deep into analysis of the customer needs and existing competitors on the market. Our designers applied the latest UI/UX trends to build the intuitively understandable product interface and make it recognizable. Owlab developers put all-out-effort to make final resource efficient, secure and reliable. We were expected to build the break-through platform for pure cinema fans. During the ten month the following tasks were solves:

1. Proper organization of huge films data-base, media files etc.

2. Design and development of handy UI/UX for complex iOS application.

3. Parse films info from iMDB.

4. Rapid parse of ongoing film-screening for all UK cinema and building the “In Cinema” module.

Value Delivered

1. Web-service as the project core

Wide data-base and tool to automate the data processing and organize proper connection with mobile application.

2. Complex iOS application for film-makers and fans.

Owlab have delivered the complex iOS application that totally handles film makers and fans needs and can easily switch between accounts of both types.

3. Control panel.

The convenient control panel helps administrators to manage the existing data, users, accounts, lists etc.

4. Collection of ongoing film-screening info.

Product UI

Results and technical info

During ten months we have reached the MVP which totally satisfied the clients’ initial vision and needs. The Owlab have prepared the unique and easily recognizable design of iOS application. The resulting product is now on stage of investments attraction for further progress and improvements.


Vitaliy and his team coded and designed our first prototype from wireframes to finished product. We solved all problems of an early stage startup project together. Vitaliy’s team is professional and diligent.

Peeter Rebane, The Film App

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