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The travel landscape continues to evolve with a new breed of traveler focused highly on technology for everything from researching and booking a trip to participating and sharing their travel experiences. These changes have led to online travel agencies, websites, mobile applications and travel aggregators all fighting for travelers’ attention and dollars.

Owlab is a trusted provider of software development and related technologies to travel and hospitality organizations worldwide. Our innovative solutions make it easy to launch in new markets, attract new customers, cultivate relationships, and build loyalty over the long haul. Our Travel and Hospitality solutions helps the travel industry evolve to meet the tide of rising customer expectations while employing technology to solve some of the industry’s most complex operational challenges. Many of the world’s leading airlines, hotel providers and travel agencies rely on Owlab expertise to bring innovative products to life.

As with all of our services, we strive to work in ever more Agile ways, helping our customers grow and innovate by bringing a unique combination of engineering processes and tools together with the skilled technical talent.

Travel & Hospitality products we develop

—   CRM and Loyalty/Rewards Development and Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a special approach to doing business, which puts the client at the forefront of the company's activities. The main goal of implementing CRM systems in a company is to develop the relationship between the client and the company, to create a convenient ecosystem that will improve the relationship between the business and the client. Relationship management means attracting new customers, converting neutral customers into loyal customers, and turning regular customers into business partners.

The main advantage of a CRM system is that it can benefit almost any organizational unit, from sales and customer service to recruiting, marketing, and business development. With the help of a CRM system, you can store all information about a client in one place, manage marketing campaigns, provide technical support to the user - this is just a small list of what CRM systems can do.

Since such systems facilitate the exchange of data, communication within the company is being established. In this way, issues of internal cooperation and interaction are resolved and productivity is increased. Another plus of CRM is that these systems are suitable for companies of different industries and sizes, from the banking sector to real estate agencies or, in our case, Tourism and Hospitality Software.

—   Multi-Channel Distribution and Pricing

Multi-channel distribution is a business model in which a merchant sells their products through several different channels. A multi-channel distribution business is a single entity using multiple platforms and sales methods to distribute its products.

For example, you can sell your product through your own website, through a marketplace like Amazon or Google, and through a boutique located in a mall. This will be called multichannel distribution.

Owlab has helped many companies create software that takes multi-channel distribution to the next level and improves company sales. This method of distributing goods and services is becoming more and more popular, as it is more efficient to place your product on all popular marketplaces. Automation and optimization of these processes leads to an increase in the company's profit.

—   Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency Expansions

Creating multi-currency and multi-language plugins for your website removes all obstacles between the client and your business. Plugins like these help attract foreign customers to your business, which will increase sales and open up a huge market share for you. You can choose ready-made solutions or develop your own - in any case, our team has experience in creating multi-lingual, multi-currency expansions.

How it works? For example, your business is located in Estonia, and your potential buyer is in Germany. Entering your site, he selects his region and the entire site, along with the prices of goods, is converted in accordance with his region. You may have seen similar examples on sites such as AliExpress, Amazon, etc.

These plugins and expansions to your site make you profit by expanding the pool of potential customers for your business. These solutions are suitable for almost all types of businesses, multi-currency and multi-language plugins perform especially well in sales.

—   Travel Management Software

Travel management system should include features such as automatic generation of expenses from receipts and credit card transactions, expense reporting, travel policy setup, and an automated travel and accommodation booking process.

Such systems can be used for personal purposes, but they are often used by businesses to simplify cost calculations and optimize routes and costs for business (and not only) trips.

Any large company with constant business trips simply cannot do without such systems. Also, travel management software makes the work of travel agencies more efficient and convenient, allowing you to more accurately calculate and optimize all costs in order to increase your profits.

—   Transactional Platforms

Transaction platforms are platforms that serve as a digital marketplace or meeting place for large groups of people. Digital transaction platforms can be divided into different types depending on the context and the function they perform. There are a huge number of examples of such platforms from different areas.

  •  Social networks - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  •  Media sharing platforms - YouTube, TikTok, Spotify
  •  Service-oriented platforms - Uber, Aviasales, Airbnb
  •  Knowledge platforms - Stack Overflow, Udemy, Quora
  •  Digital marketplaces - Amazon, Google, eBay

These are not all examples of platforms, but it gives an understanding that the sphere of influence of such platforms is not only vast, it is ubiquitous. The main purpose of Transaction platforms is to facilitate the interaction or exchange of goods, services or social currency between two or more groups of participants. Thus, we can conclude that almost all business areas simply need such platforms, otherwise they will not be able to compete.

—   Hotel/Restaurants/Cruise Custom Web Services

Web services can be used in many areas, as it is a program that organizes mutual work between sites, allowing you to transfer information from one portal to another. In tourism, this can be web services associated with airlines. A user who visits the tour operator's website immediately sees available air tickets, which the tour operator's website “pulls up” from the airline's website.

It is important to note that the integration of processes occurs immediately, without the participation of people. For example, updating the catalog of an online store with new products. They are brought to the warehouse, and the storekeeper marks them in the database. The information is automatically transferred to the online store, and the buyer, instead of marking “Out of stock” on the product card, sees its quantity.

In the hotel and restaurant business, web services are also often used. Travel companies often offer their clients a full package of services. Thus, the client pays one amount at once, and the travel company pays all costs. The user sees all the information on the website of the travel company thanks to web services, so it is impossible to overestimate the possibilities that this technology provides.

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