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Owlab team has over 9 years of experience in Healthcare Mobile App Development, and we use this experience to find solutions and help people.
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Our team has been helping to find solutions for fintech startups, while creating unique products that are highly competitive in the market.

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And dozens of small startups have been developed and modernized by Owlab team!


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Healthcare is rapidly evolving, and every day it brings innovations to the market, some of which completely change the world. Just think about such examples like Foldit which drives the community to solve the hardest medical puzzles helping to find cure for different diseases. Or Apple’s ResearchKit which helps gathering user health data for medical research. Theranos, Q Sensor, you name it.

All these wonderful examples give medical companies an inspiration for improving their technology base implementing innovative healthcare solutions. IT outsourcing is a chance for even small medical organizations to facilitate their business and customer experience with the latest technology. Moreover, many companies are actually software products designed to improve and push forward healthcare services and research practices worldwide.

Thanks to modern IT solutions, the quality of service is significantly improved. Medical applications are becoming more and more integrated into the healthcare system every year and help to establish many processes, from collecting and sorting data to tracking the patient's condition. Thanks to this, the medical ecosystem is developing, which in turn reduces the burden on specialists and helps to provide better medical services.

Why Owlab?

Modern healthcare needs IT solutions. A key role in the quality of the product is played by an experienced healthcare development company that can create a user-friendly website or application. Owlab has enough experience to develop medical applications and services, being a reliable partner for your business.

It is important to understand that healthcare mobile application development can not only improve the quality of care, save more lives, but also save a lot of resources, both human and financial. That's why Owlab's agile approach to mobile healthcare software development has worked well in the products our team has created.

Owlab is a professional in the implementation of modern IT solutions in the healthcare sector. Our team has successfully developed apps and websites that have already helped and continue to help doctors and patients in Europe and Africa.

Our cases
Viebeg - A Medication Inventory Platform

We analyzed similar solutions that are already on the market in order to collect really useful statistics on the user's dashboard, that can be viewed both by time intervals and by product categories.

Our cases
Tip Doc Care - Assistant Application for the Examination of Foreign Patients

We analyzed similar solutions that are already on the market in order to collect really useful statistics on the user's dashboard, that can be viewed both by time intervals and by product categories.

Our cases
Viebeg - A Medication Inventory Platform
Tip Doc Care - Assistant Application for the Examination of Foreign Patients

Our Competence in Healthcare
Software Development

Healthcare IT outsourcing makes it possible to create innovative solutions and save the budget, so that medical organizations can spend more funds on research. Owlab provides its healthcare clients with IT outsourcing experience that stands out and brings to the market solutions that eventually improve and save people’s lives.

Our team has developed dozens of products ranging from simple doctor and patient benefit apps to large medical crowdfunding platforms. Our nine years of experience in web and mobile healthcare software development allows us to find solutions for the most non-standard tasks.

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Security is our

Owlab always prioritizes the security of the products we develop, which is why our team is meticulous in quality control and assurance.

Global standards

It’s very important to comply with global security standards in healthcare software development. Following this trend, Owlab creates a powerful back-end architecture for the products we develop.

Latest security tools

To ensure that our solutions are free from vulnerabilities, we use only the latest powerful security tools and technologies when creating medical & healthcare software.

Our Competence in Healthcare
Software Development


Clinical Applications


Websites of Private Clinics


Consumer-focused Applications


Analytics Software


Integrated Systems


Transactional Platforms


Consumer Engagement and

Why do Clinics Need Healthcare Applications?

Solutions and Services We
Provide For the Healthcare Industry
Reference Resources

Mobile applications that provide pharmacists with quick access to a variety of reliable reference literature have been developed to improve the quality of pharmaceutical care, as well as to promote continuous professional development of specialists.

Brand Apps for Private Clinics

These applications are portable copies of clinics: they can find out the schedule, make appointments, consult and store a medical record. An application in which the doctor responds to the patient in real time creates a close connection with users and increases their loyalty.

Applications for Staff

Such applications help to maintain internal communication between clinic doctors, consult with colleagues from related fields about specific diseases of patients.

Health Scanner Apps

These apps help you map your health based on outside data: research, blood test results, smart device readings

Clinic Control Applications

These applications perform various tasks of clinic administration. They can be linked to web services that fully automate the work of clinics.

CRM Systems

CRM system allows you to increase sales, collect statistics about products, employees, customers and conduct high-quality analytics with more information.

Pharmaceutical Management App

Applications designed to improve the quality of drug use and increase patient loyalty to therapy.

Healthcare Software Development Case - Viebeg App Service

When it comes to the health of patients, it is important to minimize the human factor and the chance of errors. That is why our team has created a product that automates the accounting and purchase of medicines process.

After analyzing in detail the needs of the customer, we created 2 product models:

The client model allows you to keep track of the medical goods in the clinic and manage the stock of medicines. Also in the client model there is a dashboard that allows you to track the history of purchases and keep statistics.

The provider model is designed to accept requests from medical centers and promptly respond to them.

As a result, we have created a centralized inventory and procurement platform for medicines for medical centers. With this solution, clinics can track medicines and make scheduled purchases of goods.

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*this is what is always a priority for a healthcare software development company like Owlab.

No matter what solution you need, be it medical or pharmacy software, our team will put all their knowledge and experience in healthcare services software development to find a high-tech custom solution that perfectly meets your needs.



Why do we need Healthcare Applications?

Healthcare applications save time, resources and increase productivity several times over! They allow the collection and analysis of information about the patient. Today, healthcare apps are saving lives and improving the way hospitals operate.


What Types of Healthcare Applications Are There?

There are several types of medical applications: Lifestyle Healthcare Apps - such applications allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle. They track the number of steps, heart rate, help to establish sleep and nutrition.

Electronic Health Records Apps - such applications act as a database. They record all information about the patient and allow quick access to the patient's medical record. Emergency Healthcare Apps - such applications are needed by patients who may need emergency medical care. They have a user-friendly interface and constantly monitor the patient's condition in order to call for help at any time when needed.

Emergency Healthcare Apps - such applications are needed by patients who may need emergency medical care. They have a user-friendly interface and constantly monitor the patient's condition in order to call for help at any time when needed.;


What Features should Companies add to their Healthcare Apps and Websites?

  • Chatbots
  • Healthcare Data Security
  • Social Media Integration
  • Live Video Consultation with the Specialists
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Health Activity Tracking
  • Symptoms Checking Feature
  • Geolocation
  • Wearable Devices Integration
  • Reviews and Ratings

What is the Difference between mHealth and Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to all instances of healthcare via the use of modern technology whereas mHealth refers to the concept of mobile self-care. This does not mean that these two concepts cannot intersect, it all depends on what features you want to add to your application.


How much does Medical Application Development cost?

It all depends on the functionality and tasks that the application must perform. To calculate the cost of the project you can contact us for advice. Owlab develops solutions based on your budget.

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