Discovery Phase

Our discovery phase package gives you the strategy and tools you need for a successful project launch.

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Discovery Phase

We’ll help you

We’ll help you

In the discovery phase, Owlab conducts a comprehensive analysis of your idea to find the right way to transform it into a product that meets your business goals. From proof of concept through prototype creation to viability and usability testing, the discovery phase helps to minimize project risks and ensure that your solution is both workable and profitable.

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How the discovery phase adds value to your project

Value your project

Whether your project is for an innovative startup or extends the capabilities of an existing business process, Owlab is here to help you find the best possible solution. The project discovery phase unlocks the real potential of your business idea, identifying potential risks before your project starts. This ensures that you avoid expensive mistakes during development, and gives you a sustainable end product.

Our experts conduct an in-depth project analysis, and prepare a comprehensive package of the documentation you’ll need for successful implementation. Which functionalities will add value to your technical solution? What is required of the development team? Which technologies will serve your project best? We evaluate your options from the perspectives of business analysis, user experience, and IT architecture to find the most appropriate solutions for you. The result of this website discovery session is a step-by-step product launch plan that fits your required timeframe and budget.

Advantages for your business

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Expert evaluation

We analyze your business to evaluate whether the planned product suits your existing infrastructure and meets its required aims. The discovery session brings together analysts, technical architects, designers, developers, and managers, and gives you the best solution at a reasonable price.

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Development cost optimization

We carry out a future solution analysis to define a minimum viable product (MVP) and take out excess or superfluous functional requirements that will increase project costs without adding value. The result is an optimum market solution that meets the needs of its target users, and avoids unnecessary investment.

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Business-friendly architecture

The project discovery phase helps to develop an easily scalable product architecture that will adapt to your company’s growth. It takes into account all the functionalities, optimum performance, and sustainability of the future product. This ensures that all aspects of the project are addressed, and helps you avoid expensive adjustments in the future.

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Higher ROI

The discovery phase gives you a clear understanding of your project, takes out unprofitable product functionalities, optimizes costs, and eliminates many risks. We create clickable prototypes to test future solutions before they’re technically implemented. As a result, you receive a user-oriented product that meets your market’s needs and achieves your business goals.

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Risk minimization

The website discovery process, mobile application, or software provides a clear vision of your product to all stakeholders. This means that you avoid obstacles and risks such as postponed deadlines, increased costs, project freezing, bugs, omission of important functions, non-scalable architecture, and unsustainable technical solutions with no target market.

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Timely and cost-efficient delivery

Our understanding of all aspects of the future solution enables us to outline your project’s technicalities, development stages, team members, and financial and time indicators. All this goes into the project documentation, which is approved by all stakeholders. As a result, you can rest assured that your product will be launched on time and within budget.

When the discovery phase is a must


Creating a product from scratch

The discovery phase of app development helps reveal things that were not taken into account in your original plan, and understand the risks. It also shows how to strike a balance between your business goals and your users’ needs, and create a sustainable product with value and a clear target market.


Extending an existing solution

The software development discovery phase helps you evaluate existing system capabilities, your product’s strengths and weaknesses, and the extent of the transformation required. It will also highlight potential bottlenecks, the risks of introducing new functionalities, effective solutions to combat these risks, and workable timeframes and budgets.

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How does the Owlab discovery phase work?

The discovery phase aims to gather exhaustive data for effective project implementation, regardless of whether you choose an agile discovery phase or one which strictly adheres to project documentation. This service package bridges the gap between your idea and a ready-to-use solution.

Discovery phase


Outline of project goals

At the start of the discovery stage, Owlab experts discuss the project idea with you and formalize its objectives. Your task is to provide the team with all the information necessary to start working.

Discovery phase


Business analysis

A business analyst cooperates with other experts to outline business requirements and carry out a technical assessment of project relevance, market competition, and industry standards. The result of this stage is a concept for a commercially sustainable product with clear market demand.

Discovery phase


Assessment phase and requirements analysis

Based on the data we obtain, we create a vision of the future product and prepare its functional specification. This is a document which describes the project concept and architecture, and implementation requirements.

Discovery phase


UX design

User flows and clickable prototypes are an integral part of your product’s functional specification. Our UX designers create a map of user interfaces which gives you a clear understanding of how your future product will work.

Discovery phase


Preparation of technical documentation

At this stage, we create documentation that includes a full description of the product and its structure, a list of all its functions and the external services and API used, the business logic, detailed frameworks, and the technical stack. The software requirements specification is the main guide which enables you and the development team to assess whether the final product corresponds to its requirements.

Discovery phase


Roadmap creation

The team, deadlines, and budgets are approved during the web development discovery phase. The sequence of work is defined as a set of milestones, with criteria for efficiency, quality, and acceptance. You will always know what stage your project is at, and how short-term efforts are leading to the achievement of long-term goals.

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Discovery phase deliverables



We’ll deliver a clickable prototype that demonstrates user interaction with the future product. This prototype allows us to pinpoint and fix anything that could later impair usability or the commercial success of the technical solution.


Software requirements specification (SRS)

This document contains business and technical requirements, project details, and a description of project implementation at all levels, including specific features of the design, business logic, technologies, and external services. The SRS gives both you and the development team an overall, documented vision and the confidence that you will achieve your business goals.



The web development discovery phase roadmap is a step-by-step plan for the project which defines all stages of development. It provides you with a full picture of the development process and delivery deadlines.

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The right team for a successful product

The project discovery phase of custom software development requires diverse expertise. If necessary, the team is reinforced by subject-matter experts in areas such as blockchain, machine learning, data science, and others. This enables us to conduct a comprehensive analysis and take into account everything that could impact the success and efficiency of your future technical solution. Each project team will generally include:

Business analyst
Solutions architect
UI/UX designer
Technical experts
Project manager

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