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We deliver dynamic and ever-improving value the Internet of Things brings to companies: new insights, digital business models, and revenue streams.

Analytics and Improvements


Every startup starts with an idea, but what's next? You probably realize how important it is to analyze your every action in order to make the most optimal decisions that will improve your future business, because most of these decisions have long-term consequences. That is why high-quality analytics plays a very important role in creating your own business.

How Analytics Helps Startups?

The analytics of your business will point to growth points and help you figure out which features of the future product are most important. This will help eliminate unviable ideas and save money and time on development. Analytics will help you build a roadmap for your startup.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

Analytics requires not only certain knowledge, but also the ability to apply them in practice. That is why it is not enough sometimes just to find a solution on the Internet. Professional analytics will not only provide high-quality information collection, but also provide you with practical advice and solutions.

Industries We Cover

Let’s get down to the main areas we offer development services for:

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Why Us?

Owlab, being a startup app development company, has been helping small ideas become big and successful businesses for over 10 years. Our high-tech custom solutions, high-quality analytics and unique approach help startups to minimize risks and increase profits - when you go to the websites of other companies you can see similar text, but what really distinguishes us from other companies?

Owlab was once a startup too, a startup that was built on improvement and relationships between people. A professional team with ten years of experience that has proven its effectiveness in helping small, medium-sized businesses and large corporations develop products for a wide range of industries.

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Why Organizations Choose Owlab

We have already been in this business for over 10 years. Moreover, we, the web site development company Owlab, have been collaborating with business owners from all over the globe, building custom web development solutions from scratch. We have many years of experience in the area of web development and have already completed numerous successful projects in such areas as security, retail, entertainment, healthcare, etc.

We understand the importance of quality online presence for any business. To meet this goal, we are mostly focused on building web products with scalable architecture and cutting-edge technologies.

If you are still hesitating, let’s get down to the main reasons why you need to opt for Owlab. We hope that they will put to bed your doubts:

  • We have a professional team of experts with an extremely high level of expertise. All of them are focused on one goal - to help grow your business with our web development solutions. To achieve that goal, we combine the latest IP trends (including blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc,) with proven approaches.
  • We provide our clients with updates on a regular basis. Constant interaction with you is a part of our working process. You can rest assured that you’ll be notified of all the news concerning your project. Simply put, we coordinate all the development stages with you to make sure we are moving in the right direction.
  • We guarantee top-notch quality. When dealing with us, you can rest assured that your product will be of the highest quality. Throughout web app development, our professionals do multi-layered testing of each function to make sure everything is running smoothly. This decreases the number of probability errors and guarantees product delivery within the determined timeframe.
  • We meet the requirements of the end users. Be sure that with Owlab assistance, your final project will surely be adapted to your end users and guarantee maximum return on investment.

The web is overloaded with web development sites that offer their services. However, if you wish to take your business to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact experts from Owlab. We, at Owlab, understand that in this digital marketing epoch, it’s of prime importance to have a website for your business. It’s a mandatory component of your business so far! So if you need professional assistance, drop us a line and we’ll surely help you find a solution!


There are always a few common questions, and we are providing you with a few answers to these questions below.


Why Startups Need Analytics?

Because high-quality analytics allows you to build the right development path for your business, minimizing risks and increasing profits. Running a business or launching a startup without quality analytics is like trying to drive blindly.


Can I do the analytics of my business myself?

Yes, if you are willing to spend years studying and risk your own funds. It is not enough to have information, you need to be able to use it correctly to improve your business. Only a complete understanding of how to use statistics, knowledge of market trends and information about competitors will allow your startup to win the hearts of customers.


How can analytics help me improve my business?

Analysis of market trends, analysis of competitors, study of consumer needs - will allow your business to improve your service and find your niche. Information is a valuable resource and the ability to use it is priceless.


How much does analytics cost?

The cost of quality analytics is much less than the benefits it will bring. It all depends on the specific case and different areas of business, however, to determine the specific cost - contact us.


What are the types of analytics?

  • Descriptive Analytics (What happened?)
  • Diagnostic Analytics (Why did it happen?)
  • Predictive Analytics (What will happen in the future?)
  • Prescriptive Analytics (How best to act?)
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