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Blockchain Development Services

Owlab is Your Trusted Guide to the World of Blockchain Innovation

Blockchain development


Blockchain development has been gaining momentum in recent years. Due to the benefits that this technology provides, many business sectors are interested in implementing it into their ecosystem. Thanks to blockchain, the business world has significantly changed due to its transparency, decentralization, immutability, and distributed ledger.

Owlab is a reputed blockchain development company with profound knowledge and experience in creating and managing decentralized solutions. Our team clearly understands the growing potential of this technology, so we take into account all the innovations to create a unique and high-quality product.

Blockchain Based Product Development

Blockchain has changed the modern world. We will change your business with blockchain.

We have a team of experts who are able to combine your most bold ideas with the power of blockchain to create an outstanding product. Thanks to this kind of blockchain software development, you will get a great tool for data control, secure transactions, and more. Both your business and your clients will be protected from fraud.

Here are some examples of blockchain-based products that Owlab can develop for you:

Blockchain apps

Blockchain-based applications are being used in many areas, from finance to the control of the supply of goods. If your business needs a secure environment, decentralized application development is a great option for you.

Cryptocurrency exchange applications

Do you want to create an application that will compete with such giants as Binance and carve out your own niche? Owlab is a UX-driven development company that is able to develop an application that meets all user needs.

ICO Technology Support

Owlab offers consultancy services along with the technical support for ICO. This includes infrastructure architecture design, coin development, wallet development, and the use of smart contracts.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

To store cryptocurrencies, you need a special place. Based on the user experience, our company will create for you the most convenient and secure solution that will compete strongly in the market.

Peer-to-Peer Applications

Autonomous decentralized systems provide a very high level of data security. P2P solutions developed by Owlab are verified by blockchain. With their help, your business will obtain secure transactions and other operations connected with tokens.

Private Blockchain

We provide blockchain development services that will eliminate information loss and security breaches in the course of business processes within the company.

And more…

If you did not find the solution you need in our list - do not worry, most likely we have dealt with a startup similar to yours. Send us a question in the contact form!

Owlab is a company with years of experience in blockchain development. This allows us to develop truly high-quality products that change the market.

Do you need blockchain development?

Custom Blockchain Development for Your Business

Banking &
High-tech &
Education &
E-commerce &
Travel &
Healthcare &
Media &
Hotel booking

If the list does not include an area that suits your needs, please contact us. We will find the most cost-effective solution for your business based on our many years of experience.

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Our Approach to Blockchain Solution Development

Owlab has proved itself to be one of the leading blockchain application development companies that offer a whole package to every customer. If you choose us, you will benefit from a team of designers, blockchain developers, and marketers. These people know everything about blockchain and are implementing their knowledge to help businesses succeed. Our highly skilled professionals have excelled their skills at working with various platforms, such as Solidity; consequently, we guarantee that you will be happy with the outcome.

There are more things that make our company outstanding:

blockchain_1Our products are compliant with data privacy and security regulations. Owlab elaborates a strategy to avoid process, governance, and technology risks on compliance with security standards, like ISO 27001/27002, HIPAA, AML, GDPR, etc. There are also policies, which exist to implement authorization controls, transaction validity and make privileged transaction validity possible.
blockchain_2We save your money. Our company provides a full report on the work of each of our specialists. We make sure that everything in the company works like clockwork, because we protect your finances. When ordering a full development cycle from Owlab, you can be sure that your funds will be used in the most effective way to achieve the desired result.
blockchain_3We maximize your chances of success. Your success is the image of our company. Based on our comprehensive experience in blockchain development, blockchain business implementation and start-up launches, we can maximize the chances of a project being successful. According to statistics, 7 out of 10 startups do not succeed in the market, our task is to make sure that you enter this percentage of successful startups!

Our Technology Stack for Blockchain Development

Our specialists use the most advanced tools for blockchain development. The toolkit of our developers is very wide, it all depends on the needs of our customers and the tasks that need to be solved. Here is a list of some of their tools that we use:

iconTron Grid/Web
iconAlchemy & Bitcoin-Core
And more…

The development of blockchain products requires a professional approach, because blockchain technologies are often used to protect data. Our team creates solutions that meet all modern security requirements using advanced tools.

Want to develop a blockchain service?

Why Owlab?

  • Our team consists of about 35 developers and designers who have impressive experience in the field;
  • We have successfully built over a hundred solutions for enterprises and businesses;
  • We guarantee that you will receive a high-quality product;
  • More than 5 large blockchain projects and dozens of successful startups launched by Owlab;
  • Among our clients, you can see well-known companies, such as BLE Locking, Globix, Speakly, etc.;
  • We provide high-quality products at affordable prices;
  • We always work in cooperation with customers utilizing the best communication tools.

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There are always a few common questions, and we are providing you with a few answers to these questions below.


What is Blockchain?


Blockchain is nothing but a decentralized digital ledger, and it exists on many computers simultaneously. In fact, it is a database, which is difficult to change or hack. Therefore, if you make use of this system, all the transactions on the platform will be safe.


What Type of Blockchain Do You Require?

To understand the kind of blockchain required for your platform, it is necessary to figure out what your requirements are. Moreover, it is for the development company to decide which one is the most suitable.


What Is Blockchain Development Service?


Blockchain development is the process in the course of which platforms and applications are created with the help of blockchain technology. Thanks to it, the business ecosystems are more reliable and transparent while being able to store important data. Owlab is a blockchain development company that provides this kind of service.


What Programming Language Is Used for Blockchain?

Currently, there is a wide variety of programming languages, such as Golang, C++, Java, Python, Solidity, etc. There are different types of blockchain platforms, and they come with various requirements. That is why the language to be utilized differs from one platform to another. It is for the development team to decide which language is the most suitable for your project.

Looking for a software development company with expertise in delivering blockchain solutions? We are ready to help.
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