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iOS App Development Services

We help to create your iOS App for the growth up of your business.

iOS App Development

We create innovative and future-proof mobile iOS apps that easily conquer the market and scale alongside your business.

Our call is to bring the best digital innovations while creating apps for our clients. Significant experience in iOS mobile app development and a commitment to uncompromising quality products enable us to turn brilliant ideas into viable market solutions.

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The Advantages of iOS App Development with Owlab

Did you know Apple users have the highest demands for developers? They set a high bar for visual excellence and intuitiveness of native apps and interfaces, requiring outstanding skill from experts. Owlab developers and designers create products with the iconic conciseness and nativeness of iOS.

We create our apps with a human-centric approach. The key task we set for ourselves when working on each project is to create not just another market product, but a lifestyle – an application that will solve users’ problems and become an integral part of their daily routine.

To us, quality is paramount. We believe any decision should be beneficial and intentional. Products created with such values are not only lucrative on the market but also achieve business goals, providing a high return on investment.

Reasons our clients and partners choose us:

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Expert team

We have gathered the best market specialists to work on high-tech and large-scale projects. Innovative thinking and professionalism allow us to guarantee perfect quality and individual approaches at all iOS development stages.

Stunning UI / UX design

For our designers, pixel perfect is not a trend, but an ideology. We know high-quality products must be impeccable, right down to the smallest detail. This understanding allows us to create an unparalleled user experience that holds and exceeds the expectations of Apple device users.

MVP (Minimum viable product) approach

We stick to a versioned approach that allows error-free solutions for the target audience, as well as timely product launches within budget.

Individual development

We create specific solutions based on a business’s actual goals. You can be confident that we will choose the team, technology stack, and iOS application development approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Tech savviness

The same way we stay on top of the latest technologies and innovations within iOS app development, we also strive to create competitive products for your business. They are relevant, long-term, and adapted to Apple’s latest iOS versions, updates and releases.

Privacy and security

We work under NDA guidelines and guarantee complete confidentiality of your information. Process transparency is the foundation of our cooperation with clients.

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Our iOS app development process

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During mobile app development, the workflow is designed to accelerate time-to-market without sacrificing the product’s quality, providing value to both the end-user and your business.

Discovery phase

Understanding your business goals, having a clear vision of the future product, and using complete technical documentation allows us to create an iOS application that fully meets expectations and doesn’t go beyond the established deadlines and budgets.

Efficient planning

We adhere to a multi-phase approach. By continuously improving the product, we avoid unnecessary and costly adjustments and significantly reduce production costs for iOS programming.

MVP orientation

We offer clients the option to develop a minimum viable product to test the idea via practice. Then we gradually increase the functionality and release new versions of the product.

User experience

We work through every aspect of the UI / UX design to create applications that combine powerful functionality with accessibility and clearness.

Step-by-step management

From the initial idea to the launch of a ready-made solution, each project is led by an experienced manager and a dedicated team of developers, architects, designers, and QA engineers from Owlab – an iOS app development company.

Post-project support

Apple users expect a better experience. Post-launch improvements and customer support allow the product to remain relevant and competitive out of time.

iOS (iPhone, iPad) application publishing

iOS application development is half the battle. If you want to attract users and generate income through your future app, you should submit it to the App Store. Unlike publishing on Google Play, this task is fraught with many difficulties. If you lack experience and simply make a few mistakes during your app submission, you’ll be rejected.

We create iOS apps in full compliance with App Store requirements, closely monitor all critical metrics, and have great experience in successfully publishing our products.

To save time, minimize risks, and gain access to a multi-million user audience, entrust your release process to Owlab.

Let’s create your iOS app step-by-step

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As a trusted technical partner, we create viable products focusing on user experience, scalability, and innovations. An individual approach to developing each project and significant experience in the market allows us to unleash your business’s potential in the online environment.

NDA signing

Data privacy is crucial to us. Before beginning cooperation, we sign an NDA to guarantee the information you provide will be protected.

Precise management

We analyze your business and identify its key goals, allowing us to get a clear vision for future solutions. The requirements agreed upon at this stage are transformed into a technical documentation base used as the foundation for your iOS app development and design.

UI / UX design

A beautiful interface and a seamless app experience are critical aspects of App Store success. Our designers create superior UI / UX design that combines progressive functionality with a clear and user-friendly visual solution.

The iOS app development process

At this stage, your predetermined idea takes on a physical form. Using advanced development tools, our engineers create a modern technology application with powerful business logic and scalable architecture.


Throughout the development process, each line of code goes through a series of automatic testing and verification stages performed by our developers and a team of QA engineers. This approach allows you to eliminate errors and provide clients with a flawless iOS application.

Application launch

After final testing and product verification by the client, we prepare for the app’s publication on the App Store and Play Store. Our wealth of experience and knowledge in App Store requirements make this process smooth and successful.

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Our featured works

From startups to large corporations, we create mobile apps to accelerate business growth.

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Technology stack for iOS platforms

The iOS market has incredible potential. As a leading iPhone and iPad app development company, we are embracing cutting-edge technologies to create products with strong competitive capabilities:

  • Geolocation
  • Cloud
  • Blockchain
  • Chatbot

Development is carried out using modern technological tools.


The global provider of secure financial messaging services.
General-purpose, object-oriented programming language that adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language.

Frameworks and tools:

Reactive Cocoa
Cocoa Touch
3D Touch
Core Data


There are always a few common questions, and we are providing you with a few answers to these questions below.


What is the cost for iOS app development services?

The cost of developing mobile applications for iOS is calculated on an individual basis. It depends on numerous factors, including the future solution’s complexity, the level of specialists, the required functionality, and more.

Contact us for a quote on your iOS app.


What steps are involved in iOS app development?

iOS app development includes the following steps:

  1. Discovery Phase (identifying business goals, collecting requirements, crafting a product vision, preparing project documentation, setting deadlines and budgets)

  2. Prototyping and design

  3. Application development

  4. Testing

  5. Deployment

  6. Submission to App Store


How long does iOS development take?

Development time is influenced by many factors, starting from the project’s complexity and the number of specialists on the team to the need to integrate third-party services into the app. We suggest the client first create an MVP, which will speed up time-to-market and allow us to test the idea via practice before gradually increasing its functionality.


How should I choose iOS application development services?


When looking for a development for your iOS application, it is important to consider several factors: the developers experience, the number of successful cases, the approach to cooperation (signing an NDA, creating technical documentation, identifying clear terms and costs, etc.), as well as the help you need in submitting the product to the App Store and Play Store. The last point is important being the app won’t be published to reach its target audience if there are problems with its submission.


Owlab guarantees high-quality products, hassle-free publication, transparency, and safety for all working processes.


Do you provide maintenance and support as a part of iOS development services?

Throughout all stages of development, our specialists test the product and suggest possible improvements. We maintain a close relationship with the client to find the best solutions and create effective applications.


If needed, Owlab provides a post-project support service as well.


What services do the iOS application development include?

IOS application development includes the following services:


  • Creating the project documentation base

  • Prototyping

  • Implementing unique UI / UX design

  • Developing an application according to technical documentation

  • On-time, comprehensive testing and bug fixing

  • Adding a product to the App Store and Play Store


This list may vary depending on the project and client requirements.

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