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Android App Development Services

We create intuitive apps to help you unleash your business potential

Android App Development

Discover a whole new way of communicating with your clients by creating your own Android app. Are you looking to develop a complex corporate app or just a simple, intuitive product to attract new users? Don’t worry, we got it. We are here to help you to reach your business goals.

Our rich experience and result-oriented approach in mobile app development help us create the products of your dreams that are released on the market to increase your income.

So why Owlab?

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The reasons to develop Android apps with us
We sign up for a long-term commitment and, as a result, our products stimulate long-term business growth. We are very thorough during product development, as we want to stay aligned with the product’s value. We carefully pick the tech stack specifically for your product and only incorporate up-to-date technology. In other words, we dissect the software to a molecular level – this way, we can create detail-oriented UI/UX design and perfect user experience. We aren’t interested in producing meaningless products. We create unique Android apps that become a significant part of the user’s life. Here are the reasons our partners and clients entrust Owlab to develop their apps:
Focus on your business goals

We always stick to the rational strategy and individual approach, so every project development begins with figuring out your business goals and learning your company’s specifics.

High-end tech expertise

We stay on top of the app trends as we work within various industries. Whether you need Android app development services for your blockchain project or you want to integrate a chat-bot – we got it.

Holding the value of MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development helps us ensure continuous process and deliver profitable products fast and at a minimal cost.

Team of experts

The hand-picked team of designers, developers and project managers will dedicate their expertise to your specific product.

NDA is compulsory

We build safe and transparent relationships with our clients by taking responsibility for the product’s confidentiality.

Full-cycle development

We create your product from developing an app's idea to placing the app in the store — all within agreed terms and budget.

Advantages of Android application development
Android is so far the most popular mobile operating system. And, as a result, Android mobile app development offers endless opportunities for your business to reach out to your clients. So, what are the benefits of custom android app development?
User-friendly interface that can boost your sales

Endless Android customization options allow you to create a user interface that will truly serve your target audience and, as a result, motivate them to become your clients. How? By predicting their every move using available data on Android users’ behavior.

Large Android user community

Hundreds of brands of devices are using Android as an operating system. By launching an Android app, you are covering quite a crowd of users.

It’s easy to distribute the Android app

You can add apps to the Android app markets cost-effectively and without unnecessary delays or fees.

High Return on Investment

It’s easy to predict your ROI as you are fully in charge of your product pricing policies.

We offer step-by-step Android application development
Here at Owlab, we can help you whether you are a corporation or a startup. We foresee the ultimate strategy for your product and dedicate 100% of our resources to its success. As an Android app development company, we know all the tricks and are aware of all the pitfalls that accompany products throughout the development cycle. So what are the stages of our Android development services?

We want to make sure we know everything about your business before we begin product development. At the discovery phase, we thoroughly analyze your business and set the project goals. It all converts into detailed project documentation we later follow throughout each step.

UI/UX design

We create beautiful, interactive and intuitive Android apps. By doing so, we want to lead the users to become loyal customers of your brand by having a top-notch user experience!


Our development team lives all things digital and they take development personally. Creating Android apps that work seamlessly, and can later scale-up, is our biggest passion.

QA testing

Of course, our QA engineers test the product on every stage. Their engagement throughout the project helps us to eliminate any mistakes.

App distribution

You’ve probably heard rumors that publishing an app in the store can be a challenging experience. We won’t let it bother you. We are experts in all things Android and we will make sure your app is released and discovered by the biggest audience possible.

Consulting & support

Technology is developing so fast, and your competitors are probably aware of that. We won’t abandon your product even after it’s up and running, we will always be there to help you. Our custom Android app development services include continuous app support and maintenance to make sure your product is always up-to-date and highly-competitive.

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Our featured works

Working with clients all over the world taught us that every business is unique. Over time, we’ve tailored our process to deliver hand-crafted apps that will benefit each client’s business. We’re passionate about what we do, and your success is what motivates us.

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Technology Stack for the Android platform

By becoming our client, you get a free pass to always be ahead of your competitors. Thanks to our expertise, dedication and thorough analysis, we create valuable and highly-competitive Android apps.

Among features we integrate into our apps are:

  • Geo Location
  • Cloud
  • Blockchain
  • Chatbot


Development technologiesDevelopment technologies

We use the following frameworks and tools

Frameworks and toolsFrameworks and tools


There are always a few common questions, and we are providing you with a few answers to these questions below.


What are the steps of Android app development?

The android app development cycle consists of:

  • Discovery (gathering the requirements, conducting market analysis, figuring out the business goals and the project schedule) 

  • Prototyping and design 

  • Development

  • QA testing

  • Project release

  • Stores distribution


What is the most important thing when choosing an Android app development partner?

The key to smooth Android app development is an experienced development team that can both create a great product and understand its business specifics. An ultimate combination of business analysis and high-end tech skills is the key to product success.


How long does it take to develop an Android app?

The development timeframe highly depends on the app’s complexity, chosen tech stack and required integrations. 

From our side, we break the project development into versions and can release a fully-functioning MVP in the shortest time.


Why should I develop an Android app?

There are 2.3 billion Android users worldwide and each one of them can potentially be your customer. By developing an Android app, you establish communication with them and can significantly increase your profit.


How much does it cost to develop an Android app?

The cost of an Android development highly correlates with the app’s complexity and features you are looking to include. 

We are pros in calculating the cost. Contact us today to get a free quote on your Android app idea. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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