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UI/UX Design Services

A good product starts with a good design. We humanize digital experience, creating value for customers and businesses.

UI/UX Design Services

Perfect design is not subjective. You can value it in customer satisfaction, brand awareness, sales and business growth in the long run. For this reason, UI/UX design at Owlab is one of the key development stages which engages the best specialists.

We concentrate on customer satisfaction and approach the development of every element of digital collaboration strategically. This results in captivating, easy-to-navigate products, with high productivity and intuitive functionality.

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Our UI/UX Services

UI/UX design services connect a customer with a product, providing the business with a competitive advantage and added value. Our UI/UX design services include not only individual creative solutions but also a complex analytical process. Thanks to this, digital solutions created by Owlab find their target audience and achieve desired goals.

UX Design

There is a bit more to user experience than simply convenient navigation. Everything a customer sees, hears and even feels while interacting with your company through the web site or mobile application is defined by UX quality. We create a clean and clear user experience that draws customers in, keeps them engaged and promotes sales growth.

UI Design Services

The website interface defines whether a user chooses to find out what you are ready to offer him. Combining modern tendencies with your brand identity, our talented designers create clear, concise and attractive products that are pleasant to interact with.

Graphic Design

Every separate element, icon and picture plays an important role in the perception of your company, its image and target-oriented message. Our detail-oriented designers create the specific features which identify your brand, tell its story and trigger the customer to respond emotionally.

Mobile App Design

UI/UX design services for mobile products is a special type of digital experience with its own logic, rules, and some room for creative components. We create functional, clear, and modern app design, customized to the clients’ way of thinking, which uses their device capability to the fullest.

Web Design

Good web design goes far beyond Photoshop. It completes performance tasks and allows us to reach objectives. Our designers create web solutions that combine beautiful interface, engaging user experience, and convenient use on any device.

Our Design Approach

our design approachour design approach

Our approach to design creation is based on a deep understanding of customers’ needs and providing them with all the value they can get while interacting with your product.


We analyze your business, its goals, customer personas, and market characteristics to make the product fully congruent with the target audience. It allows us to create design and architecture that work in the real world, not just on paper.

Goal-oriented Action Planning

What allows our UI/UX designers to understand our users’ positions and provide them with an advanced experience is a survey of the user's steps and logic that influences the decision making, creating maps of customer journeys and sitemap files. At this stage, we create frameworks and product prototypes to provide overall vision and exclude unnecessary corrections in the future.

Design Implementation

It is important for us to have not only an attractive but also a well-operating interface. That is why each visual element, its position and color choice aim to create an efficient product that will solve both the customer’s and business’ needs in a holistic way.


For the product to be successful, its business logic and UI/UX design have to be well-aligned. When working on the project, our UI/UX designers use multiple-option testing to ensure that the final solution has the perfect visual components, guaranteeing an engaging experience while preserving a high productivity rate.

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Benefits of UI/UX design

benefits designbenefits design

Promotion of Competitive Position

A customer will not use a product that is inconvenient and visually irritating. Attractive, engaging and compelling design will allow you to appeal to your target audience easier and convert it into loyal customers.

Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty

UX/UI design services allow creating an advanced user experience, which, in turn, leads to customer loyalty. By understanding the audience and providing them with a convenient solution to their problems with its product, a business wins in the long run.

Increase of Income

Usability features, minimum steps needed to make the desired action and a clear call to action lead to a rise in conversion and income increase.

Rise in Productivity

A clear interface, minimum steps on the customer journey, and efficient use of visual effects allows creating a design which, along with developers’ efforts, leads to a rise in productivity.

Reduction in Development Costs

Such user experience services as engaging customer journeys, sitemap and clickable prototypes of future solutions allow not only to get a full overview of the product at the initial stage, but test it as well, decreasing the probability of improvements and serious modifications in the course of development.

Achievement of Business Objectives

UI/UX design services allow creating a user-oriented product with an understanding of the user’s needs. It guarantees the sustainability of the market solution, easier engagement of the target audience and its loyalty, and, as a result, achieving business objectives.

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There are always a few common questions, and we are providing you with a few answers to these questions below.


UX vs. UI: What Is the Difference Between Them?

UI represents the visual component that a user interacts within the app or at the site, while UX defines how the user interacts with it. 


Why Are UX Services Important?

An engaging UX makes your product clear and user-friendly, foreseeing customers’ actions and smoothly leading them to the desired action. It stimulates sales growth and business development.


How Can UI Services Help Your Product?

A carefully designed interface makes the product distinctive, eye-catching and convenient for the user. Poor interfaces lead to loss of potential customers and solution inviability.  


What Does a UI/UX Designer Do?

UI and UX designers create the parts of a product which the user directly interacts with. UI/UX designers go by deep analytics and perfect understanding of your business’ goals while developing each element of your site and app, or implementing its layout and functionality.

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