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Owlab Brings Decades of Experience to Create Financial Apps that Change the Business World

We successfully cooperate with both large and small companies, having a wide range of eCommerce development experience. Our goal is to create a high quality, convenient and secure product for your future or existing business.

Our approach to financial software development takes into account the possibility of future scaling of your business. Build and modernize your financial business with Owlab's high-tech and flexible solutions!
> 10 years

Our team has been helping to find solutions for fintech startups, while creating unique products that are highly competitive in the market.

17 large projects

And dozens of small startups have been developed and modernized by Owlab.


Let’s work

We will develop your project from scratch or analyze and fix existing problems.

When ordering financial software development services from Owlab, you can be sure of the quality of our work.

Our cases
Crypto Community Monitoring

A system for forecasting cryptocurrency rates using analysis of the activity in various social networks. The product was created for traders, data analysts and other specialists dealing with the collection and processing of large amounts of data.

Crypto Community Monitoring
Our cases
Otto Quant

Product owner, within their scientific activities, develop effective mathematical models that allow automating tasks that previously were solved manually by financial departments of companies, relying only on their own (and often irrelevant) experience.

Otto Quant
Our cases

TenX unique feature is that the client doesn’t have to pay forex fees for the cryptocurrency transactions. We have built wallet web app for TenX system. The app allows user to add cryptocurrency wallets and connect them to the Visa credit cards.

Our cases

Credit scoring to assess the client’s diligence and solvency. The solution is integrated with UK banking institutions and KYC (Know Your Customer) services to obtain data on the user's credit history. CRM for credit business management.

Our cases

We have implemented an intuitive advertising campaign designer, which is equipped with a Drag & Drop interface and allows administrators to create advertising campaigns that guide users through various quests.

Our cases
Crypto Community Monitoring

Crypto Community Monitoring

Otto Quant

Otto Quant







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Security is our Priority

Owlab always prioritizes the security of the products we develop, which is why our team is meticulous in quality control and assurance.

Global standards

It’s very important to comply with global security standards in financial software development. Following this trend, Owlab creates a powerful back-end architecture for the products we develop.

Latest security tools

To ensure that our solutions are free from vulnerabilities, we use only the latest security tools and technologies when creating financial & banking software.

Our Competence in Financial Services
Software Development

Finance Analytics and Economic

Financial Management Software
& Personal Financial Apps

Crypto Investments, Staking and Exchange of Cryptocurrencies

E-wallets, Сrypto-wallets
Finance Products &
Services We Provide
Full Development Cycle

Our team will develop a mobile app or website for you using modern flexible methodologies. We accompany the product from concept to launch and ongoing support. Explore our Blockchain Case Studies

Enterprise App Integration

Modern application integration connectors take your data and transform it into a format that's compatible with your IT architecture and streamlining the process.

Re-engineering and Migration

Re-engineering is the examination, analysis and alteration of an existing application or software system to reconstitute it in a new form, and the subsequent implementation of the new form.

Personal Fintech Management

Talking about Financial Software Development we should not forget about commercial mobile apps that allow you to do competent financial management. Owlab can develop applications similar to YNAB or Mint, applying all its experience in mobile app development.

Financial Malware Protection

Owlab will perform an in-depth vulnerability analysis of your product, test all possible scenarios and develop a customized solution that will minimize all potential risks associated with malware.

Business Process Automation

We will create a unique software solution to automate repetitive, multi-step, complex business operations. The BPA software we create will meet all your business needs.

Need a high-tech custom solution for your fintech business?
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Types of Financial Mobile Apps

Working together with Owlab, you can develop the best financial app that will occupy its niche and compete with already known products, such as YNAB, Honeydue or Pocketguard.

Budgeting App

Apps of this type sync with your financial accounts and keep statistics on your financial spending, provide financial advice, and improve your financial health.

Habit Building App

Apps of this type allow users to establish their financial well-being and build a financial plan. In addition to keeping track of statistics, these applications aim to give the user total control over his money.

Investing App

Investment apps allow you to manage your portfolio and buy or sell investments directly through the mobile app. Such applications greatly simplify financial transactions with securities.

Zero-Based Budgeting App

Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) Apps allow users to cut costs dramatically through a more aggressive financial strategy. The ZBB approach is to develop a new budget each time from scratch, rather than starting from the previous period's budget and adjusting it as needed.

Tax App

Tax apps allow users to correctly recalculate their taxes. Some people don’t even suspect how much they overpay in taxes, and such applications help not only save users from unnecessary expenses, but also get a refund.

Investment Advice App

Such applications can be useful for both beginners and experienced investors. Using unique mathematical models, such applications can provide quite accurate forecasts and advice to investors.

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Financial Software
Development Services:

Otto Quant

There are not many software solutions on the market that can independently generate financial forecasts.

Our unique approach to financial software development can be seen in the example of Otto Quant. Owlab has developed an application for modeling financial forecasts. The user can choose an existing prediction algorithm or customize his own, which makes the product flexible and suitable for use in both business and science.

Features of the constructor of mathematical models:

The system saves the user's pattern and settings, so he can return to the application at any time to continue setting up his mathematical model.

Saving States

Convenient user-friendly menu that allows to set up mathematical models for financial predictions.

Easy import

The user can download his own script in the form of a table.

Many companies work according to patterns and use methods that may no longer be relevant. However, Owlab always uses the most effective methods in software development for financial services, because this will allow the product to remain competitive in the IT services market.
Simplicity is the key
to success
Today, Internet banking should be not only a multifunctional but also a convenient tool, which any fintech application development company should pay attention to.

Best fintech app developers always try to find the most successful financial software development solution. We suggest you consider this using the example of the monobank mobile banking app.


Features of the constructor of mathematical models:
App as a bank branch

To open an account and make banking transactions, users do not need to go to a bank branch - everything is done right in the mobile application. Following simple instructions, the user can receive a virtual card after 5 minutes.


Monthly payments (mobile account replenishment, utility bills, etc.) can be automated. Every month, funds will be automatically debited from the user's card.

Features for a group

The function of dividing the payment between users. Users can share the cost of a taxi ride or dinner among themselves in one click.

Internal ecosystem

The transfer of funds is greatly simplified if the user from the contact book is a monobank client.

Nice usage Features

Shake to Pay” makes P2P transfer between two cards much easier.


This is not a complete list of features, the application is constantly updated and strives to ensure that the user has the most convenient use of their product. Monobank fintech app developers are like IT sculptors - they cut off everything superfluous to get a simple and functional interface.

In Ukraine, monobank has become a leader among precisely due to its high manufacturability, style and convenience. What other online banking has built-in secret mini-games?

Banking software development companies must adopt the experience of such applications in order to successfully compete in the software development for financial services market.
Do you need to create a high-quality and modern banking application?
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*this is what is always a priority for a financial software development company like Owlab.

No matter what solution you need, be it banking, crypto wallet or financial planning software, our team will put all their knowledge and experience in financial services software development to find a high-tech custom solution that perfectly meets your needs.



What is Fintech?

Fintech (financial technologies) - technologies that help financial services and companies manage the financial aspects of a business. They include: software, applications, processes and business models. Fintech is needed to invent or improve the existing services of financial companies in order to compete in the traditional financial services market.


What Are the Advantages of the Building a Finance App?

Financial applications are simple and easy to use. The user-friendly interface allows users not to get confused when conducting complex financial transactions. They also have a high degree of protection of the user's personal data, since often all information is encrypted. Financial applications make it possible to organize your finances efficiently.


Which Businesses Are Looking for Fintech Software Development?

Fintech software development has long entered the traditional financial market. Developments in the field of fintech today are used not only by the banking sector. Fintech is in demand in insurance companies, equity trading, cryptocurrencies and lending. The share of investment in fintech software development is only growing every year, and the area is developing.


How Much Financial Software Development Cost?

It all depends on the needs of the customer. The price of the project is individually discussed with the Fintech Development Company, because there are many factors that can affect the price of the product. If you need to develop a financial application, website or service, Owlab is ready to help you ensure its quality, competitiveness and profitability.

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