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About Bizard System

General information

Bizard System is a powerful tool for data center owners and their clients. It provides the system's user with live monitoring & management of operations transparency and getting a maximal profit from mining.

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Owlab team created a big complex solution for data centers and their customers. It consists of two separate interfaces: Bizard Tunnel for Business & Bizard Tunnel for Clients. Every of these two interfaces has a web-based and mobile application version that makes the system user's life easier and more effective.


Bizard System






4 months

Bizard System is a big complex monitoring system including a lot of powerful useful features

    for data center owners:
  • - Automatic control of every mining element in real-time mode
  • - In-depth statistics on all pools, channels, mining hardware and algorythms of every data center's client on one interactive
  • - Immediate notifications about all emerging problems
  • - Client database management
  • - Accepting payments from pools with the distribution of the commission to data centers and their customers
  • - Advanced adjustment of the payment system to data centers clients (setting fees, payment for electricity, service, etc.) + real time representation of all transactions & other financial statistics
  • - Lots of other features
    for data center clients:
  • - Obtaining the accurate data on data center operations in the real-time mode
  • - Exclusion of frauds by data centers (all data on the data centers operations is recorded in a blockchain)
  • - Automatic calculation of the obtained coins and the earned profit
  • - Objective control over the distribution of remuneration
  • - Lots of other features

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We created a modern powerful instrument for all the persons involved into mining process. With Bizard System you may run your business remotely from around the world. System itself monitors the equipment status, mining profitability and it will timely inform you not only about probable malfunctions, but also about opportunities to increase the data center profit.
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