Owlab helps to build a new type of lending company focused on short-term instalment loans

At a glance

The client is a UK-based fintech startup, founded by a financial analyst consultant. The product is the new type of lending company focused on good value short-term instalment loans that can be repaid over multiple months. We created it with the aim to improve the functionality and user experience.

Credio Inc.
Web Service
1 year , 4 months


Making the publicly available financial information more accessible and user-friendly, the project’s goal was to modernize the process of regulatory data management and interpretation. Hence, our team needed to handle the following aspects of the project:

  • 1.

    Retrieving public financial data from external sources

  • 2.

    Data processing and analysis according to a set of metrics

  • 3.

    Implementing powerful data visualization for better experience

  • 4.

    Enhancing the product usability through custom UX

Value Delivered

The applied efforts resulted in significant time and cost savings: The QA process is 100% automated and runs independently without any additional engineering effort. It allows the operations and development teams to spend more time improving the system and deploy changes more frequently. In this regard, we have achieved the following results:

  • 1. Instant Feedback to Changes in the Application Code

    Working with a live product, our team could afford to make no mistakes. The client received instant feedback on problems caused by changes in the web and mobile application code. This allowed the development team to quickly resolve any issues and eliminate the risk of user failure.

  • 2. Comprehensive Technology Consulting

    Engaging our Chief Software Architect and several Engineers, we were able to provide suggestions as to the technology stack and project’s technical implementation. The document outlines the software structure, its basic architecture, and core technologies involved. The proposed tools include Node.js and Express for the server-side, AngularJS for the front-end and MongoDB for the data storage (MEAN technology stack), and a number of add-ons (third-party APIs).

  • 3. Product design

    To complete the project concept and ensure there is no misunderstanding in the specifications, we created key product wireframes, including the main dashboard, driver’s portal with personal scores and statistics, video portal page, etc. They complemented the functional specification and demonstrated the core product features. As a result, we were able to visualize our understanding of the project and eliminate the risk of confusion at the later stages.

Product UI


Results and technical info

It took nearly 2 years to develop the product from scratch. The final solution includes the full suite of financial data reports augmented with powerful features, like interactive data visualization, point-and-click peer group builder, exporting capabilities, “smart” bank search, geo-location and custom mapping features.

The Technology stack consisted of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft ASP.NET, HTML/JS/CSS (AngularJS, LESS). Additionally, SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) was used for the ETL process, OSM (Open Street Maps) – for map point clustering, HighchartJS – for graphs and data visualization. The team used Git for version control. Continuous Integration was implemented using JetBrains, and TeamCity.

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