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Crypto Сommunity Monitoring




Web application

Time to deliver

6 months
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General information

Cryptocurrency Сommunity Monitoring is a system for forecasting cryptocurrency rates using analysis of the activity in various social networks. The product was created for traders, data analysts and other specialists dealing with the collection and processing of large amounts of data.

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Owlab team created a system that automatically analyzing posts in social media to help user to make smart trading decisions

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The idea behind Cryptocurrency Сommunity Monitoring came from a Canadian trader with considerable experience in trading on the cryptocurrency market. To give the project a good start and receive a competitive product, he turned to Owlab as a reliable technical partner.

A combination of the client’s deep market insights and Owlab’s operational excellence with powerful technology stack resulted in an efficient system for searching, collecting and aggregating vast amounts of cryptocurrency data.

Process and results

Cryptocurrency Community Monitoring is an advanced data engineering system that works using ETL flow (Extract, Transform, Load) for future use by Traders, Data Scientists and Data Analysts. The product is based on advanced technologies and focused on social media interaction. To reach the desired scale, flexibility and productivity, the client was offered the following solutions:

  1. A robust back-end engine capable of processing large amounts of data. A distributed collection and computing system ensures maximum efficiency without losses. This approach allows working with multiple data sources steadily, at high speed and with precision.

  2. Parsers working with dozens of sources like Github, Twitter, Reddit, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and hundreds of thousands of records simultaneously. This solution ensures thorough analysis and offers the user as much current information on cryptocurrency rates as possible.

  3. A system for semantic analysis of messages on social networks to build historical diagrams showing social attitude toward certain currencies.

  4. Intuitive and customizable interface. Information is presented in a user-friendly manner.

Using these solutions, Owlab helped the client to enter the market with an extremely functional and technically advanced product

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