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About Speakly

General information

SPEAKLY is a powerful language learning tool to help you maximize your potential and guide you through the process of acquiring a new language in the most efficient way. It's based on science and years of experience. Start speaking with SPEAKLY. This. Very. Moment. You might have experienced that learning languages is an arduous task. We get you. We have been there – studying languages for years in (language) schools and still being petrified when a native-speaker simply says “Hi!” But do you remember how you learned your mother tongue? Wasn’t that process so automatic and effortless that you didn’t even notice it? That’s exactly what SPEAKLY will let you do – help you acquire a language in the most natural way, using the power of technology to create a totally personalized learning experience.

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Ott Ojamets
Partner at Speakly OU

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Owlab helps to build an innovative language learning solution from Eastern Europe.








9 months

The service helps users to improve memorizing, writing & speaking skills learning new foreign languages. With SPEAKLY you can genuinely LIVE the language that you are learning. And all in the natural way – focusing only on the things that you actually need and starting to use the language from day one. The service was developed as a web solution based on the existing language learning system that is already used for individual & group studies available everywhere in Europe – from Portugal to Finland.

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Results and technical info

We were even more delighted knowing that Ott and his team were absolutely satisfied with the end result. Thus, Speakly became another great project for us, where our team managed to demonstrate great cooperation and team work in developing a new product from a scratch.

The technology stack of this project

Python/Django/DRF, PostgreSQL DB Server, JSX/ReactJS/Redux/LESS, Facebook,
API/Google API/Paypal API/Stripe API

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Working with Vitaliy´s professional team of developers has been a very good experience. The main keywords are quality, really professional attitude and flexibility. I would recommend his services to everyone who wants to develop a professional solution/service/program. Only good things to say about our long-lasting cooperation.

Ott Ojamets, Speakly

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- Vitaliy, CEO



Kotlyarevsky street 1/27, Poltava, Ukraine

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