Difference Between UX and Web Design

Difference Between UX and Web Design

Do you get the difference between UX and UI and web design? Because many don’t. Even in the IT community, plenty of people mix up UX design and UI design. And it’s fine since for a long time there was only the “web design” term that everyone used.

We want to highlight that there are no good or bad designs. Each of them serves its own purpose. But when combined together, they create wonderful and iconic products.

Here we want to shed light on this issue and highlight what is UX/UI design and web design.

What Does UI Stand For?

What Does UI Stand For?

UI design means User Interface design. It is more of a visual and graphic-oriented side of the design. Such designers create anything that users can interact with. This includes buttons, screens, keyboards, etc. Many designers dive into both UI UX design but most stay in one path.

UI designers show the brand to the world in a perfect way. Let’s agree, the specialist has to be an artist to create an emotional bond between customers and brands and just because of the design.

A regular day of a UI designer consists of:

  • working with UX designers, developers, management, and other co-workers
  • checking the product design to provide the feedback
  • creating touchpoints for user interactions
  • creating responsive design
  • developing style guides for clients
  • creating prototypes to spot weaknesses
  • testing their work

Nowadays, UI designers can work with different websites, applications, tech, home devices, and many more items that work as a computer. And let’s be honest, computers are everywhere now: even now, you’re probably reading this text on your computer or tablet, checking time via your smartwatch, and following your robot vacuum via your phone’s screen. Isn’t it? So every item you interact with your finger is made by a UI designer.

You can check Owlab UI design in our web development and mobile development portfolios. And in the nearest future, our talented UI designers can create an engaging product representing your brand identity on the highest level.

What Does UX Stand For?

And What Is the Web Design That in the Title?

UX design means User Experience design. It works with everything that is behind the actual product design that you see every day. It works on user research, marketing analytics, JTBD canvas, content strategy, different interactions, etc. The main UX designer's goal is to become the user and read his or her mind. To try on the user's shoes and create the most convenient and useful app that will bring profit to both client and users.

Comparing UI vs UX design, it is easy just to start making an application or a website. But the research and analysis that a UX designer conducts are fundamental. It creates a meaningful product that engages customers and provides relative content that is actually helpful. And the most intriguing part is that UX designers should be psychologists in a way to fully understand the customers. They should feel and see what others do. And that helps to create the best websites and applications that have every little aspect in its place.

The typical day of the UX designer at Owlab consists of:

  • ideating
  • conducting researches
  • communicating with clients
  • and many more

To sum up the UX design, we should point out that each is crucial to creating an iconic product. UX designers help to build better brands, find out more about users and community and provide each side with the most desirable results.

UX designers at Owlab create a superb user experience that results in sales growth and brings more target audiences. Check our web development and mobile development portfolios. The designs you’ll see there are deep work of our UX designers.

And What Is the Web Design That in the Title?

Basically, a web designer is a specialist who dives deeper into designs' beauty and leaves the user experience issues to other specialists. At first, you might see the similarities between a UI designer and a web designer, but there are not so many of them. Even though they design products, both of them come from different places. For instance, web designers usually start with a graphic design where the biggest value is color theory, composition, typography, and overall neat design. It’s all matters, but it is not in the first place for a UI designer where they create engaging websites and apps.

Sometimes web designers use HTML, CSS, and javascript to create a product themselves. And on the other hand, none of the UX and UI designers perform these tasks.

A regular day of a web designer consists of:

  • communicating with managers
  • communicating with colleges
  • designing
  • discovering inspiration

We are sure that web designers add to the UX UI design team perfectly. They bring the classic design into the modern world and make sure that every part of the brand’s brand book is executed perfectly. There are even myths about designers that they know how to attach the user to the screen just with ideally measured typography and right color combinations. Do you want to check this at Owlab?

So this is mostly what is UX and UI and a well-known web design.

A web designer at Owlab will reach all the objectives while combining beautiful interfaces with previous UX and UI designer working hours to make superb products.

For Those Who Still Doubt Complex Design Approaches

If you still think design is something you should save a coin on, think twice. These recent statistics for 2020 and 2021 prove wrong.

For Those Who Still Doubt Complex Design Approaches

1. 75% credibility comes from web design. It means that as soon as your client visits your page, he or she decides whether your website is a scam or not. And believe us, a scam website is easy to see – the design always looks cheap, unprofessional, and the user experience has a lot of issues.

2. 88% of users won’t return to your website if the service is bad. There are no second chances in this game. It is hard to be the only one business in your niche so make sure the specialists have created a top-notch product that is easy to use. In other ways, your clients will pick another business.

3. The use of mobile phones as a primary device grows with each year. Of course, it is not a secret that brands do products for every kind of device right now. But such statistics highlight the importance of the evaluation of mobile phones. Therefore, we want to recommend you start every UX and UI design and development process with mobile versions. Meanwhile, try to use this knowledge to create a unique advantage for your users.

4. 88% of users state that color helps them to decide. Who would even think about this fact at all? But it is what it is so we need to pay attention to these facts as well. But no worries, you don’t have to change your brand colors to satisfy your clients. However, we hope that this information will be in hand and you decide to hire a web designer and a UI designer.

5. Businesses might lose up to $2,6 billion if the website loads slowly It’s something you’ve experienced yourself in the last few years. How fast do you leave the page if it loads slowly? Skilled UI designers know how to create designs that won’t load slow. It’s just a matter of practice.

For Those Who Still Doubt Complex Design Approaches

Keeping up with the trends and following the statistics is only one way to stay in a game. As you can see, hiring skillful professionals is the best way to get the best product while doing your business.

Final Thoughts

At this point, we see that it is important to have as diverse specialists as possible. Even though there is a huge difference between UI and UX design, both of them are crucial to creating the best product for clients. And a web designer is always there to spice up design with graphic trends and consult with color combining or lettering.


How cool is it that every person has to do their own job? Such an approach allows hiring the most talented people who’ve sharpened their skills for many years and now are ready to create the best websites and apps.

We believe that you should not seek to decide whether it’s UI vs UX, UX vs UI, or web design vs every other design. Of course, each of them does its own purpose, but, as we said before, all specialists must work together to create the best product.

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