Top 5 Python Game Engines

Many people want to learn programming to create their own game. But what do you need for this and what do you need to learn in Python? The answer lies in game engines or libraries that exist for creating games in Python.

Libraries can be installed from various channels, such as GitHub or the pip manager. In addition to them, there are also standalone game development environments. Let's take a look at the top 5 Python Game Engines.


Probably the most popular engine chosen by most Python programmers is PyGame. It is based on the SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer library, which allows cross-platform access to various system components. For example, video devices, keyboards, mice, audio devices, and more. The engine is also used to create various programs.

Essentially, Pygame is a set of tools for creating game objects, processing user input, and displaying graphics and sound. Thanks to the many components that make up the engine and several standalone concepts, projects can be implemented on any system. The only condition is that they must be compatible with the library.

PyGame Zero

A newer and simpler-to-learn game engine is Pygame Zero. It is perfect for beginners in the world of game development. Its simple interface and step-by-step instructions make it a great way to quickly learn 2D game development. The Zero version does not delve into complex terms and functions. Beginners can freely create whatever they need in a format where only game design and logic matter.


If you want to create text-based games or interactive stories like Zork, the best engine for this would be adventurelib. This module is excellent for console program format, providing a wide selection of tools. With it, you can write everything from character details to game logic. And thanks to its open-source nature and the absence of a need to write a parser, it is even easier to interact with.


Another type of games are visual novels, or as they are commonly known, "VNs". They have a strong focus on storytelling and are enhanced with visuals and sounds. To create them using Python, it's worth using the cross-platform development environment Ren'Py. The name translates from Japanese as "romantic love", and after installation, the developer will have a working engine to create games with all the necessary components. They can be launched on various platforms. However, it's worth noting that because Ren'Py is not a classical library, it cannot be installed via pip install. The Ren'Py SDK is required.

Panda 3D

A free engine for developing 3D games and visualizations called Panda 3D is filled with a huge amount of working tools. It combines well with different operating systems and can even run on mobile devices. The engine is a complete platform for realizing both games and applications. With support for a large number of resources and integration with countless libraries, working with Panda 3D is very convenient.

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