Darknet: Selling Confidential Information?

What is the Darknet?

The Darknet is a hidden part of the Internet. Darknet literally means a shadow or dark network. It is only accessible through certain programs and tools that provide anonymity for users and protect their personal information.

Participants in the Darknet are called peers. Connections between them are made only in encrypted format after mutual approval. The domains and address space in the Darknet are also unique.

Even to access the Darknet, special software is required. One of them is the Tor Browser, which encrypts the user's traffic while they communicate with someone in the network. But when they enter or exit the network, it can be traced.

Despite the fact that the Darknet is used not only for legitimate activities, including communication and information exchange, there are often cases of selling users' confidential information.

Do only criminals use the Darknet?

No. The Darknet is not about criminals and criminal groups, but about an alternative network where things are done differently. Yes, it should be noted that illegal trade in goods and services, including drugs, weapons, fake documents, and other things, takes place here.

But in addition, the Darknet is filled with useful information. For example, uncensored data libraries or unofficial representations of Facebook. Each user of the "dark network" can simply communicate with someone in it and remain unnoticed.

How and where does information leak?

The Darknet, like any other market, operates on the principle of supply and demand. Here, you can buy and sell various types of information, including confidential user data. This information can be stolen from website owners, companies, or government organizations.

However, it is not possible to steal an entire database of confidential information. In the Darknet, as in other systems, there are many intermediaries, which creates a whole chain of consequences. For example, the so-called "leak" is carried out by bank employees, police officers, FMS, etc. One of them views the data of two clients, while another takes a photo of the information about the third on their phone, which is called a "leak." But it is extremely difficult to monitor this process, even with a DLP system.

Biometric data is not yet being stolen, but if it can be used to obtain credit (which many banks already want to implement), a real race for this information will begin.

Selling confidential information on the Darknet is illegal and dangerous activity that can have serious consequences for both individuals and organizations. Therefore, it is always important to ensure the protection of personal information and not trust its storage to companies or websites that do not have a reliable security system.

How to protect your personal data?

Use only trusted resources and browsers, create complex passwords, and do not share unnecessary information about yourself. However, this is not a guarantee of your safety, these are just recommendations. Not everything depends on you, your data can be stolen even from banking resources, as employees often "moonlight" in this illegal way.

Remember, the internet remembers everything, any digital footprint is very noticeable, so be careful, protect your personal information, and change your passwords more often!

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