What are the Dangers of Rapid Development of Artificial Intelligence?

What are the benefits that AI can bring to humanity?

Artificial intelligence has already shown humanity that it can be effective and extremely useful in many areas, especially in automation. The implementation of OpenAI's ChatGPT API has taken chatbot development to a whole new level, and our company has already experienced this in practice. Furthermore, there is no need to manually create clunky chatbots that require a lot of time for refinement - it is sufficient to program the existing language model to perform specific functions.

In addition to chatbots, AI is very useful in business process automation. It can automate CRM systems, create invoices, provide assistance in analytics, and much more. This technology is especially useful in IoT, as AI can theoretically manage entire warehouses and large enterprises, as seen in Amazon.

How many people have lost their jobs due to AI?

Initially, machines replaced people in factories. This created riots and social tension, but it allowed for increased production and led to an industrial revolution. In the future, this allowed for better working conditions and more jobs. Now, a similar situation is occurring as AI is replacing people. The machine uprising has begun (perhaps). The data varies, but it can be confidently stated that more than 30% of employees who perform boring and repetitive work will be replaced thanks to great automation.

Global automation and its advantages

Imagine an ordinary courier delivering packages to the recipient from the warehouse. Can he be replaced? Yes, of course! And it's already happening. Automated courier drones are appearing that can quickly deliver the buyer's goods. But what about the courier who lost his job? There are actually several options, for example, the courier can retrain as a specialist who will service these robot couriers. It's not so hopeless, is it?

In a way, history is cyclical. For example, machines replaced manual labor, and today automation replaces routine tasks. This in turn increases work efficiency, increases production, and creates new professions and jobs (paradoxical as it may sound).

Why are they trying to slow down AI development?

People are not afraid of darkness, people are afraid of the unknown. Many do not understand how AI works, and there are unresolved ethical issues in using these technologies. After all, today, with the help of deepfakes, it is possible to create materials that will affect public consciousness. And if AI is involved in the spread of these fakes, everything becomes even more dangerous. For example, today russia is already trying to influence public opinion through Twitter, spreading its own narratives and fake news using the language model ChatGPT.

And they are using a truncated version of the technology, which has restrictions on "offensive" content, etc. Just imagine if such a powerful technology without limitations and "brakes" falls into the hands of criminals who are smarter than the owners of russian bot farms.

Even the creators themselves cannot know exactly what is "under the hood" of their technology, since it mostly self-learns, and humans only guide this model. This is what causes fear and concern among many experts. Can it be that AI pretends to be safe and "stupid" while it is actually already planning something worse than Skynet? Of course not! Or...

AI in Business

As a software development company, we always keep our finger on the pulse and have already mastered the use of AI for automating business processes. The implementation of APIs like ChatGPT is extremely effective in chatbot development, crypto trading bot platform development, CRMs, data collection and structuring. If you need to develop a project based on AI or implement APIs of popular language models, you can contact us for more information!

We hope this article was helpful!

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