Google Easter Eggs 2022

Easter eggs are always interesting! After all, these are secret messages that the authors add to their product. They are added to games, books, movies and even browsers.

Google has created its top easter eggs, but due to the constant change in the design of the search engine, few can find them. In this article, Owlab will tell you about easter eggs that can be found on Google and, most importantly, tell you how to find them.

№1 — Gravity

Want to break up the Google homepage and scatter its component parts? Just type "google gravity" into the search engine. The first two links are what you need. The old search engine design will be shattered right before your eyes, and all of its details can be kicked around a bit. Quite an interesting easter egg, with which it is quite possible to surprise a person who was clearly not ready for this.

№2 — Underwater Search

A little primitive, but cool Underwater Search Google easter egg, will be available after entering its name into the search engine. Click on the first link and enjoy the underwater world right on the screen of your device. Disperse the waves and collect coins at the bottom by clicking on the water and buttons respectively. The very same search string will surf the ocean.

№3 — Batman

№3 — Batman

A new easter egg, released in February 2022, will help summon Batman with a "bat signal". Everything is real and everything is simple. In order to see Batman, enter one of the phrases into the search engine: “Bat signal”, “Bruce Wayne” or “Gotham City”. A spotlight will appear on the right with a simple animation and a bat. Click on it and your screen will go dark, and Batman will appear with his famous grappling hook and a couple of sound effects. The easter egg was made on Google's own initiative and will be available throughout the year.

№4 — Zerg Rush

StarCraft fans will definitely appreciate the Zerg Rush easter egg. To activate it, just enter “google zerg rush” in the search engine and open the first link. The user immediately enters the game, where small Zerg circles aim to destroy all search results. To win, it is enough to quickly click on the nasty zerg. Each winner is waiting for the legendary "GG" collected from the destroyed circles.

№5 — Breakout

Enter Breakout into the search engine and look for a link to elgoog. We open it and enjoy everyone's favorite 1976 game of the same name from Atari. It would be more accurate to say a parody of this game. Everything is the same as before - you need to remove all the colored blocks, adjusting to the rapidly accelerating ball. The game itself is endless.

Other Games in Google

The Google search engine has its own set of games. So, for example, if you enter "Solitaire", a sorcerer with the corresponding game will come out. There are a few more requests for which Google will give you their games:

  • Cross and Noughts game
  • Pacman game
  • Saper game
  • Snake game

Still sometimes Google adds new games in honor of any events or holidays, like Doodle Champion Island Games. The game acted as an interactive Google Doodle in celebration of the 2020 Summer Olympics and 2020 Paralympics and Japanese folklore and culture. And of course, everyone knows Dinosaur Game, which helps to pass the time while the Internet is off.

Useful Tools in Google


If you suddenly need to calculate something, type "calculator". The tool not only performs basic operations, but also allows you to work with logarithms and trigonometric functions.

Color palette

Designers may need a special panel for color matching. To call it, enter "color palette" in the search. If it doesn't work, type color picker.



Google hasn't ignored musicians. The developers have built a special tool into the search engine that sets the rhythm with the help of repetitive sounds. It appears on request "metronome".


When there is no coin at hand, but it’s impossible to make a decision, the flip a coin query will help. The search engine will flip a coin and return the result.

Roll a Dice

Google also allows you to roll up to six virtual dice with different numbers of faces. The format is similar to the dice from the popular board game - D&D. They can also be used as a random number generator. Just enter in the search engine “Roll a Dice”.


Another random number generator built into Google is roulette. After spinning, the wheel displays a number from 1 to 20. The tool is displayed at the request of the spinner. If you click in the upper right corner of the Fidget, instead of a wheel, a spinner toy that was insanely popular in the recent past will appear.

Perhaps we have not written about some interesting easter egg in this article, so you can write about it in the comments. And also write in the comments your maximum record in Dinosaur Game :) We hope this article was interesting!

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