How to Build a Healthcare Mobile App

Healthcare app development makes your clinic more accessible. Why? Let's figure it out. Online consultations can be carried out in the application; it is also more convenient through applications to inform the clients of the clinic about important events, remind them of appointments and take appointments. The cost of services will remain the same, but the quality of service will increase and the workload on staff will decrease.

The Healthcare Mobile App market is growing rapidly, thus improving the quality of customer service. Already in 2020, the volume of the global market for mobile medicine amounted to almost 59 billion dollars! Experts predict the growth of the healthcare mobile application market and say that in 2025 its share will be more than USD 330 billion.

But why are there such trends in the market and is mobile app development for healthcare services such a necessity? This article will give you answers to these questions and dispel all doubts about the importance of such software!

Why do Clinics Need Healthcare Applications?

The functionality of medical applications is not limited to online consultations. The scope of mHealth is very multifaceted, we can trace this from the statistics and the number of applications on Google Play.

For the third quarter of 2021, according to the Statista resource, the number of Healthcare Mobile Apps reached more than 53 thousand. What are these applications?

  • Medical Applications of Private Clinics
  • Fitness Applications
  • Eating Control Applications
  • Government Health Applications
  • Medical Assistants

This is not a complete list, but it gives an understanding that healthcare mobile app development is becoming more and more in demand.

People want to have more opportunities to receive medical care remotely. At the end of February 2021, those wishing to receive online consultations increased 38 times, and at the beginning of the pandemic there were 70 times more! Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge damage to many areas of business, many companies have switched to remote work, the healthcare sector is no exception, as simple recommendations and the first patient appointment can be done online.

Healthcare mobile app development should not be in question. Medical applications are not only about satisfying user needs, but also about benefiting clinics.

The global mHealth apps market size was valued at USD 38.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8% from 2022 to 2030. So by developing a healthcare app today, you are making a quality investment in your business.

Healthcare Mobile App Development will allow you to create another channel for your services, which will increase your income and improve the quality of your services.

If you have any ideas and best practices - Contact Us , our team has vast experience in Healthcare Mobile App Development.

Types of Healthcare Mobile Apps for Medical Institutions

mHealth applications for medical centers can be divided into two broad categories: client applications and internal applications.

Client applications are all software that allows the user to interact with the doctor. Here are some client applications for clinics:

  • Brand application of the clinic. These applications are portable copies of clinics: they can find out the schedule, make appointments, consult and store a medical record. An application in which the doctor responds to the patient in real time creates a close connection with users and increases their loyalty
  • Health scanner app. These apps help you map your health based on outside data: research, blood test results, smart device readings.
  • Application for transcribing and storing test results - medical laboratories also have applications. They give patients quick access to test results. No need to send SMS notifications, no need to wait for a person to come for tests himself - you just need to give him a password to his personal account in the mobile application, and he will always have information about his health at hand.

Internal applications are a channel designed to administer clinics and communicate with doctors. Such products can perform different tasks:

  • Clinic Control Application - These applications perform various tasks of clinic administration. They can be linked to web services that fully automate the work of clinics.
  • Applications for staff - such applications help to maintain internal communication between clinic doctors, consult with colleagues from related fields about specific diseases of patients.
  • Help applications for doctors are knowledge base applications, they can store any information that is useful to the doctor in daily practice or scientific research.

Medical applications have a lot of advantages. They make life easier for patients and doctors. Owlab developed the Tip Doc Care & Tip Doc Medic apps, which are practical translators and references for doctors and patients. As you can see, mobile app development for medical services is multifaceted.

Why are Medical Applications in Demand?

Applications are a very convenient way to communicate and interact. Today, people are accustomed to ordering food through applications, making purchases and ordering services. Very soon, medical applications will become an integral part of every user's smartphone.

Making an appointment with a doctor is no more difficult than ordering a pizza, and getting help and advice remotely in modern realities is a very important factor. In any case, applications don’t solve all problems, because a normal examination can only be carried out by coming to the clinic in person, however, today mobile app development helps to relieve medical staff, which affects the overall quality of service.

mHealth really helps a lot of people by making the healthcare system more customer-friendly and helping clinics increase their revenues.

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