How to launch an IT startup and what it consists of

The first step is to define a goal

Do you want to make a useful mobile application that will be commercially successful at the same time? Well, you don't need much to start with. Look at today's IT giants and learn about their history, they often started in garages and basements like the same Apple. From this we can conclude that nothing is impossible if you burn with your goal and idea! Be confident and carefully consider your startup plan. Define your goal and break it down into small steps, so slowly but surely you will get closer to the realization of your startup.

Any company starts with an idea, which the startup will later improve and turn into its own product. To do this, every product needs a team. Therefore, we have to look for employees. If at the first stage two co-founders can cope with the work, but the further the company expands, the more desperately it will need staff. When the team is assembled and work is underway on the first iterations, it is already necessary to look for potential customers who could not only help the company with money at the pre-order stage, but also give the entrepreneur feedback on the product.

From idea to implementation

From idea to implementation

Many aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of launching their own startup often face the problem of a lack of fresh ideas. It seems like everything has already been thought of before you, even when such a great idea comes to mind, starting to google you understand that someone has already implemented it before you. However, if you think that coming up with something new and unique is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, you are of course right, but only partly.

To be convinced of this, it is enough to turn around, pay attention to the world around us and its problems. In almost every field there is something that needs to be improved or optimized, in particular with the help of IT. Ask your friends in different fields what exactly they lack? Perhaps someone would like to have a simple convenient application for calling a plumber, or some artist you know has been looking for a Tinder for creative people for a long time?

If, looking around, a novice entrepreneur does not see such a problem, this is not the time to despair. It is worth reading magazines and specialized websites, looking for information about what startups are being launched in the world now. Perhaps this will give you an idea of your own. There are really quite a lot of things, applications and systems in the world that should be improved and finalized.

Search for a team and associates

An idea is only half the success, because people are responsible for its implementation. A strong foundation is more important than a beautiful facade. At the initial stages, it is very important to determine who will be the core and co-founder of the team. If you are well versed in mobile app development but poorly understood in business, you should find a person who would close this gap. If you have some cash savings and a start-up budget, you can ask for help from a mobile development company or web development company such as Owlab, where the whole team has already been assembled. Startup development requires human resources, by contacting Owlab you cover the need to find professionals. However, if you want to gather a team around you, you should pay attention to students and ambitious people who will burn with the idea just like you.

Company philosophy and relationships within the team

When a team is assembled, it is necessary to build good relationships between people, since the atmosphere within the team plays a huge role in startup development. Someone prefers to create a strict hierarchy from the very beginning. Some startup founding fathers model tough leaders who demand the best of themselves and others. True, in this case, you need to be prepared for the fact that not everyone wants to work in such a startup. Some companies, on the contrary, build the most horizontal system, where programmers can know how things are going with potential customers, and sellers receive information about all technical difficulties and a roadmap for solving them. Startup development is not easy, but the right approach and a healthy atmosphere within your company can play a key role.

Idea > MVP > End product.

Sometimes people make a product whose time has not yet come. Turning an idea into a prototype should not be a closed process. You should not become perfectionists and try to present the finished product to the public right away. Most likely, there will be problems that the team simply cannot take into account. On the contrary, it is necessary to constantly show each new iteration of the future product to potential users and customers.

At first it can be your friends and acquaintances, then a wider circle of people. When the basic principle is tested, it is necessary to move on to creating an MVP. Minimal Viable Product is called so for a reason, and it is needed in order for potential users to evaluate your startup. It should contain all the main parts of the future product (interface, back-end and front-end), but it does not have to be the actual final product. Startup development is always accompanied by endless revisions, the final version of the product can radically differ from the original idea. It is very important to collect feedback at all stages of your startup development.

Launching your startup

Launching your startup

Your idea may be in high demand, but it still needs to be conveyed to the end user. Look for a quality SMM manager or try to launch some kind of flashmob related to your product. The resources spent on startup development may pay off in the first quarter, or they may not pay off at all. Bold ideas are always a risk, but the experience you get is priceless. Promotion of your startup is one of the most important stages of startup development, because people need to hear about you and your product.

If you are looking for a startup development company to bring your ideas to life - Owlab will help you realize your project.

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