Which Fintech-App Can Successfully Enter the Market in 2022?

So far, we live in the era of instant gratification. Just imagine that it was a challenge to make an online transaction ten years ago. Today, you can do this in a few clicks from your smartphone. Do you know what this means? The thing is that the fintech sector is rapidly growing, and today, we have many companies, ranging from startups to reputable tech giants, that can't imagine their working routine without fintech solutions. And in this insightful post, we'll take a deeper look at the main fintech trends and try to define the key distinctive features of a powerful fintech mobile app. So get comfortable and have a look!

Ideas to Launch FinTech Startup in 2022

Ideas to Launch FinTech Startup in 2022

Before we move on to reviewing the hottest offers to launch a fintech startup, let's begin with the basics and review the definition of the basic terms. Well, what is a fintech app? It's a mobile app with specific tools and features that help cope with specific financial operations. Overall, the investment in financial technology startups is considered profitable. Still, first off, you need to find the right fintech startup idea that will surely help you earn a decent income.

Let's review the hottest ideas that are surely worth investing in this competitive market.

A banking app

So far, banking apps are considered the most profitable startups in the fintech industry. And this is primarily thanks to the significance of the automation of financial transactions. Overall, such mobile solutions offer numerous benefits to users as they allow them to access banking services quickly without visiting financial establishments personally. Today, the number of digital banking app users has already reached 69% compared to 10% in 2011.

A P2P payment app

Although P2P apps are relatively new in the fintech industry, they are in demand today. The COVID pandemic influenced the rapid development of such digital tools. Statistically, 34% of US respondents use P2P platforms to transfer money. Users appreciate P2P apps for their functionality as such solutions allow users to share funds from mobile devices through a linked bank card.

A money-saving app

When analyzing the best fintech app ideas, we couldn't pass by this one. The key objective of such apps is to help users control their budgets and save money. But you can also expand the functionality of your money-saving app by adding additional features to it (budget planning tools, tracking of spendings, etc.). Such apps usually work in the following way: you choose a sum, and the app will save it in an interest-yielding account.

Besides these ideas, you can also invest in building crypto exchange platforms, investment apps, RegTech apps, crowdfunding apps, etc. But first off, you need to find out more about these niches and define the main requirements of target users.

Fintech App Development: Useful Tips & Main Features

Fintech App Development: Useful Tips & Main Features

We've just answered the question of "what is a fintech startup?" Now, let's figure out some of the most valuable pieces of advice that might help build the right app that will surely bring income. These recommendations might help you avoid all possible issues.

  • Always follow the latest fintech trends

Remember that successful startup business development is impossible without following the hottest trends in this niche. The thing is that this area is changing at the velocity of a sound, and you need to keep up with the latest trends as all these changes influence everything related to banking. The hottest fintech development trends are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Biometric Security, Blockchain Technology, Regulatory Technology, and Open Banking.

  • Define the main fintech app features of your future startup

Indeed, a set of features influences the cost of your future app. But the main features are as follows:

  • Secure authentication;

  • Scanning and QR codes;

  • Account management;

  • Balance checking;

  • Money transferring;

  • Notifications;

  • Data analytics;

  • Chatbots.

Of course, a lot depends on the banking software development cost and the key objective of your future app.

  • Define the right type of the future app

Are you going to invest in building banking or investment apps? Or probably are you eager to create a powerful budgeting app? This is where a lot depends on the final goals of your application. The development cost, a set of features, and the functionality of the future app rely on the app type.

  • Analyze the market

You can't pass by the discovery phase no matter what type of app you want to build. This is where you need to make a comprehensive market analysis and define what your target users want, how your app can help them, analyze your competitors, etc.

  • Find the right software development team

Remember that the success of your future product is greatly contingent on the chosen software development team that will be responsible for building a fintech app. This is where you need to consider the company's skills, experience, and reputation on the development scene. Beware and choose only experienced professionals!

Best Technologies for Fintech-App Development in 2022

Best Technologies for Fintech-App Development in 2022

When answering how to create a fintech app, another important aspect to consider is choosing the right tech stack. Having a great idea is good, but that's not enough. You also need to select the right tools to help developers reach this goal. Let's take a deeper look at the most popular and influential software solutions that will help you reach your business goals in minimal tim


So far, it's one of the best programming languages that enables programmers to write software for desktops, mobile devices, servers, or other tools that run code. In addition, it is considered the fastest and safest programming language that lets developers experiment with code and promptly check the results. Overall, this tool is optimized to get the most out of the hardware.


It’s another high-level programming language, commonly abbreviated as JS. This tool belongs to technologies of the World Wide Web. Statistically, around 97% of all websites use this programming language for web page behavior. Moreover, almost all modern browsers come with JavaScript engines. The main distinctive features of this tool are top-notch functionality, prototype-based object-orientation, and dynamic typing. Beyond this, it also comes with APIs for dealing with dates, data structures, text, and regular expressions.


This is another powerful tool that can be used for building fintech mobile apps. This open-source programming language is suitable for functional and object-oriented programming. It is mainly used for running on a Java Virtual Machine and can be used with Java. Initially, it was built as a programming tool for Android-based devices, but due to an array of benefits provided by this language, it quickly became a must-have tool for many types of apps.


Well, what is a fintech application? It's a mobile app that meets some financial goals. Overall, you see that building a fintech app is quite a challenging task. This is where a lot is contingent on the chosen software development team responsible for turning your ideas into reality. If you are eager to find experts in this field, don't hesitate to contact the Owlab team - a time-proven software development company with an impeccable reputation in this field. We know how to make money from apps and will surely gather a team of professionals to help build the right app for the needs of your business!


What are the main steps to creating a successful fintech startup?

Let's list the key steps to follow to create a fintech startup:

  • Do marketing research and analyze your competitors;

  • Define the type of a fintech app;

  • Identify your niche;

  • Find a team of developers that will build an app for you;

  • Choose the right tech stack;

  • Build an MVP;

  • Test the app;

  • Launch your fintech app.

What specialists do you need in your team to make a fintech startup?

Here's a list of all experts needed to build a fintech app:

  • Project manager;

  • Business analyst;

  • Frontend developer;

  • Backend developer;

  • Mobile developer;

  • Quality Assurance specialist;

  • UI/UX designer.

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