5 Reasons to Develop Your Own Chatbot: How Do Chatbots Increase Sales?

Imagine a folding Swiss knife. It fits in your pocket and hides a lot of tools, the purpose of which you may not even suspect. Yes, chatbots, like a Swiss Army knife, can perform many different functions by automating the business processes of your company or startup.

How chatbots are positively impacting businesses:

  • Reduce the company's expenses
  • Save time;
  • Increase sales;
  • Helping to build relationships with clients.

Of course, this is not the full range of what chatbots can provide, in this article we will tell you about the benefits of chatbots and why they have a very positive effect on any business. You can also check out our service page, which describes in detail all the advantages of creating chatbots and whether it is more profitable to create a chatbot from scratch, or just buy a subscription to the service.

What are the Advantages of a Laptop Over a PC?

Reason #1: Automation of Communication With Customers

Chatbots can provide 24/7 support for your customers, with 8 out of 10 of your customers' problems being the need for information. The development of an AI chatbot will allow you to significantly relieve support operators, as the bot will weed out 80% of requests that can be solved by reading the FAQ. But not only that, more advanced bots use machine learning, which makes them even faster and more efficient over time. Your client may not even notice that it is not a live operator who communicates with him, but a very well trained machine.

In modern business, reaction speed is important, the development of a professional chatbot will significantly reduce the response time. If you need to improve your customer support service - developing an AI chatbot is the best option for you. Get a free consultation and calculation of chatbot development.

Reason #2: Improving Advertising Effectiveness

What happens in an offline store when a customer enters it? Of course, he is met by the seller, who is ready to answer all the exciting questions about the product. The same should happen in online stores. A chatbot can do this very well. But this is just one of the examples!

AI chatbots can analyze the behavior of the client, on which page he lingered, what type of goods he looked at and, based on this, select more suitable applications for him and even give small discounts to lure him.

After the client clicks on the advertising banner and goes to your site, he does not go unnoticed. At the same time, the actions of the chatbot are not too intrusive, it does not ask too much and offers the client exactly what he needs.

Reason #3: Reducing Business Costs

Every entrepreneur wants to effectively allocate resources and not waste them on customers who are not interested in their product. A professional chatbot developer can solve the problem of identifying potential leads. Moreover, Owlab Group can create a product that will allow you to turn "cold" leads into "warm" ones.

Chatbot development is an investment that pays off in a few months, which in the future will allow you to not only reduce costs, but also significantly increase your income.

Reason #4: Gathering Information About Leads and Increasing Conversion

Need more reasons to connect a chatbot? Then here is the next benefit for you, the meaning of which fits in a nutshell. MORE SALES. The more you know about your customers, the better you sell. After all, each of them will be pleased with a unique offer. A customer will be more willing to buy if the product or service meets their specific needs.The chatbot will collect all the necessary data in a casual conversation with your customers. You can share your phone number, email or date of birth with one click. Are you starting to see the future already?

  • Attract customers from the website or advertising to the chatbot;
  • Qualify them and segment them;
  • Learn better and make offers you can't refuse because they are based on the characteristics of customers.

Therefore, chatbots are especially in demand among marketing agencies and real estate professionals. But they will definitely bring maximum benefit to any business.

Reason #5: Analytics and Improvements

The development of an AI chatbot will allow you to get to know not only your target audience better, but will also allow you to find more potential customers. Knowledge is power that you can convert into profit. It will be easy for your client to find out about your company or your brand, because most likely everything is already written on your website. What do you know about your client? Using an individual approach to each buyer thanks to the collected information - you increase the chance of a successful sale by several times!

Smart chatbots can not only analyze the behavior of the client, but also the behavior of your employees and suggest the most effective methods of conducting a conversation in the future. Yes, chatbots can improve the script written by people, this is the future we live in. Also, the automation of many business processes within your company is possible due to the versatility of such software. They can automatically enter information into CRM, write reports, or maintain constant communication with customers, which significantly reduces the distance between you and the buyer.


Anything that can be automated should be automated. This is exactly what will allow your business or startup to succeed. This is an investment that will give positive results in the shortest possible time and allow you to get the maximum benefit in the long run. Business automation not only benefits you, but also your customers by allowing you to be the brand you promised to be. 

If you are wondering “how to create your own chatbot” - there will be a contact form below. Contact us and our specialists will select the best solution for you that will fully satisfy your needs!

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