Hidden Benefits of Telegram Bots for Business

According to statistics , more than 1.4 billion people currently use chatbots. Telegram is one of the first platforms to provide such an opportunity. Bots on this platform can be easily programmed to perform a wide range of tasks that meet the standards and requirements of a modern user. This is a persistent trend, so new, non-standard Telegram bot ideas appear every day.

At Owlab , we have rich practical experience in creating bots for messengers. So let’s figure out how they can be applied and what benefits they can bring to you in particular.

Telegram Bot - Definition, Functions, and Benefits

A Telegram bot is a special account or robot that is controlled not by real people, but by third-party software inside the popular messenger. Management is carried out using HTTPS requests to the Telegram Bot API. And users can interact with them by sending messages and requests through chats.

How do bots work?

How to create a bot in Telegram? Well, that’s a topic for a whole separate article. In a nutshell, you need to understand that a bot acts as an interface for accessing remote services. And what is very important, you do not need low-level methods of working with MTProto and encryption for it to work.

When do you need a chatbot?

The main reasons for creating one include:

  • Your customers regularly ask a lot of similar questions;
  • A complex call routing method is employed;
  • You need to frequently distribute the same type of information.

Decisive advantages

  • Simpler communication: users do not have to visit the site to contact a brand or provider;
  • Efficiency: immediate responses work like a charm;
  • Possibility of round-the-clock workflows;
  • Automation of processes, updating tasks and their statuses. Bots allow users to go through the entire chain of calls without any problems;
  • Reduced cost of customer acquisition;
  • Customer segmentation: Bots are used for surveys, identifying the needs of different audience segments and then providing them with to-the-point offers.

How to use chatbots otherwise?

  • Integration with other services. The bot can control the "smart home" or send notifications when an action or event occurs;
  • Utilities and tools. Bots are capable of translating texts, presenting weather data, or warning about upcoming events upon request;
  • Entertainment. The bot can play with you, hold quizzes, and so on;
  • Social services. The bot is able to find an interlocutor based on interests and hobbies.

Main functions

Speaking specifically about Telegram, it enables service chatbots to perform very precisely defined simple tasks. This may be taking orders, searching for information or suitable products. A bot asks users questions, provides answers, searches for information, performs simple tasks, collects leads, etc. As a rule, this is not a full-on robot interlocutor and does not use artificial intelligence.

In Telegram, bots have many unique features, such as customized keyboards, external binding, additional default interfaces, and special privacy modes.

The online mode allows users to communicate with the bot directly from any chat or group. To do this, you just need to type in a username and send a search request. With the bot’s help, users can play HTML5 games in private chats. To protect group correspondence, they offer privacy modes.

Today, Telegram has thousands of gaming, educational, search, and other bots that are perfectly integrated with external services and protocols. In addition, options for the exchange of cryptocurrencies have appeared and are widely used:

  • in the form of p2p services that combine requests from sellers and buyers and at the same time act as a transaction validator;
  • as exchange services that work similarly to an ordinary crypto exchange.

Bots have a so-called external linking mechanism. For example, to transfer the user's authorization token in order to connect their account with some external service. It is this variety that is becoming so popular that the messenger has every chance of turning into a full-blown platform for working with crypto.

Telegram Bot as a Crypto Exchanger

Telegram Bot as a Crypto Exchanger

With the help of a bot, you will be able to make transactions directly from the messenger. It is convenient, saves time, and does not raise suspicions of violating anonymity, so this exchange option is very popular.

And the main related features may include:

  • Monitoring the fulfillment of obligations by counterparties
  • Transfer of cryptocurrency between wallets
  • Assistance in finding the most suitable crypto offers
  • Obtaining statistical data, data on favorable rates, etc.
  • The ability to create a wallet where you can safely store assets (subject to the platform's privacy policy and encryption).

A Telegram bot for exchanging bitcoin is often associated with a p2p exchange from where information about available transactions and payment methods is received in real time. What is very important, if necessary, you can always contact the support service built into the bot.

A Unique Proposition

Owlab offers basic to advanced software solutions for all relevant industries, including mCommerce and online cryptocurrency trading. We have developed completely anonymous products for the two most popular instant messengers (Telegram and Viber). With their help, the local purchase and exchange of digital money for fiat currency within the same city is greatly simplified without the need to share personal data.

How our bot outruns other options in the niche?

  • Convenience and reliability. Our users communicate exclusively in private space. They can receive updates on the current exchange rates of the currencies they are interested in and trade at the most favorable prices.
  • High speed. Using our experience, we have paid special attention to usability testing of our bots to ensure that each user's tasks are completed as quickly as possible.
  • Versatility. Our solutions are also useful for bot administrators. In the administrative panel, you can configure bots for a specific location. If necessary, they can be instantly closed.
  • Work offline. Our products are focused on local service within one or more cities. Thus, all operations for the exchange of funds can be carried out without access to the Internet, in the best place for the user, and at a convenient time.

Balanced approach

We tried to provide our customers with a clear algorithm of work, security of personal chats, accurate display of status, and timely changes in rates in real time. We also provided for the possibility of a simple expansion of services across several cities. To implement this, in addition to the Messenger Bot API, we used the most effective tools available at the moment:

  • React JS for front-end UI development;
  • Django as a Python framework for creating the backend;
  • Rigorous testing with combined manual/automated approaches.

To meet the maximum needs of users, we had to create four front-end applications at once, two of which ─ with two levels of access. As a result, we have achieved a highly efficient solution with great opportunities:

For users looking to exchange money fast, there are:

  • Subscription to daily newsletters, as well as automated notifications about changes in exchange rates;
  • Full history of exchanges available directly in the bot;
  • Issuance at the exchange office or delivery of money by courier on request;
  • Communication with the administrator in a private chat;
  • Notifications in case of changes in the exchange request.

Admins responsible for processing exchange requests get:

  • Private chat with clients;
  • Setting the operating mode and availability status of exchange offices;
  • Storage of user information with the history of exchanges and messages;
  • Quick activation and deactivation of lines, editing limits for each currency;
  • Tools for changing ticket statuses and tracking delays.

Bottom Line

In other words, our solutions make it easy to get crisp cash for virtual digital coins, allowing the most convenient level of crypto exchange operations possible. If you also want to squeeze the most out of digital currency trading opportunities, contact our specialists for advice and set off to create an even better Telegram bot.

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