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If you are wondering how to create a successful mobile app startup, you are on the right website, because Owlab is a mobile app development company with over 10 years of experience behind it. Have you ever burned an idea so strongly that you worked tirelessly on it? Well, perhaps this is one of the key factors for your future success. However, this article will contain a maximum of useful information, because we will talk about the personal experience of our company and share the secret of how to launch a mobile app startup.

Mobile app development is a complex and difficult task, but in the long run you will get more profit. There are different approaches to creating applications, for example, cross platform mobile app development, progressive web apps development, native app development, etc. All these approaches to creating a product differ in price, development time and quality, but they have in common that you still cannot do without an experienced team. By hiring an underqualified team, you run the risk of someone else having to redesign your product in the future. This will probably be our first tip.

Development of a Unique Language Learning Platform

Development of a Unique Language Learning Platform

The task of our team was to create a unique product that took into account all the shortcomings of competitors and turned them into their own advantages. Owlab has developed a system that allows users to select a unique, personalized learning plan for users. Paired with a user-friendly UI, no boring lessons, and a deeply developed multi-level learning system - Speakly makes it possible to learn languages ​​at any time, on any device, and most importantly - to learn them effectively.

Users can track their progress (which is actually very important in learning) and still reinforce their knowledge every day. Owlab has created an ecosystem for home learning using the most advanced tools for mobile app development, which in turn has allowed us to create a truly high-quality product that is popular all over the world!

2 solutions were created for Speakly - a web version and mobile applications for iOS and Android, thus reaching the largest possible audience. Our team provided the client with a custom mobile app development, full development cycle, a range of services and strategic solutions that allowed launching a successful startup. The app developed by Owlab is one of the most popular language learning platforms on the market today.

Things You Should Know Before Starting a Startup

Asking how much money you need to launch a startup business or how much it costs to develop a mobile application - you will not get an exact answer, and here's why. As we said above - the development of a startup is a complex task, which consists of even smaller tasks, and those - of even smaller ones. It is not always possible to calculate everything at once, because no one has canceled some oddities, additional expenses, or the addition of new ideas during development. Therefore, before starting your own startup, you should be aware of how product development works. Owlab recommends reading this article.

In short, and picking out a few “rules of success,” here are the things that will help you get into the top 10% of successful startups:

  • Idea Uniqueness
    Make sure your idea is unique, fills a gap in the market, or is interesting. How interesting your future product is can be checked with simple tests and surveys.
  • Consumer Demand
    Your product must meet the needs of customers in a particular niche. For example, the same Instagram does not allow you to view the stories of other users anonymously, and the SmiHub service allows you to do this, thus covering the needs of users.
  • Smart Marketing
    You have to, no, you have to do marketing all the time! Even if the product is not ready yet, find something to say about it. The more people who know about you, the more likely you are to succeed.
  • Investment Attraction
    You can do without investors and raise money on crowdfunding, but you still need money. Interesting projects attract more investments.
  • Experienced Team
    Unfortunately, without an experienced team, alone, you will not be able to create a truly high-quality product.

Pay attention to these 5 points and do some introspection. We are sure that you will find some gaps in your work, but do not get upset ahead of time, because the more difficult your path, the more expensive the reward!

Our Approach to Startup Development

Our Approach to Startup Development

We, being a custom mobile app development company, always approach the creation of a product professionally and with attention to detail. To some extent, we can call ourselves guides for young entrepreneurs, because it is in our interests to do everything possible and impossible so that the product we develop is ultimately successful.

Our approach is not only to use the most effective tools and practices, but also to be customer-oriented. Owlab is not just a startup development company, it is your business partner who is interested in the success of the product. It is this attitude that allows us to maintain long-term cooperation and accompany products even after they are launched.

If you have an idea for a startup that needs professional implementation - contact us in the form below this article to get a free consultation.

We provide a full cycle of product development, testing and launch, as well as help with marketing, SEO and provide ongoing support. Thanks to a fully staffed, motivated team, we can handle product development in the shortest possible time. By choosing us, you will definitely make the right decision!

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