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According to the Digital 2022 Global Overview Report - more than 4.62 billion people use social networks, which is more than 58% of the total population of the Earth! One of the most popular social networks of our time, Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users (MAU), 500 million daily active users (DAU) visit it, and Instagram images attract 23% more attention than Facebook images. With video even better, their engagement is 38% higher than Facebook.

While some people are wondering how to make Instagram private, others are already using services to view Instagram stories anonymously, such as SmiHub or Dumpor. What is the reason for such popularity of these services, what is their essence and why is it so important for users to be able to anonymously view the stories of other users? Could this be a good idea for a startup? Let's find out!

Instagram Video Downloader: Dumpor.com

Instagram Video Downloader: Dumpor.com

Instagram doesn’t allow you to download photos, videos, or stories from other users. Screen capture is usually used for these purposes, but this method is not convenient enough for many reasons. This creates a demand and an idea for launching a successful startup, right? After all, a startup is a painkiller. Dumpor addresses the needs of Instagram users by allowing them to anonymously view and download instagram posts, pictures, videos or stories. 

Using this service is quite easy! A user goes to Dumpor.com and enters an Instagram profile name, hashtag or location in the search bar and voila, the service allows you to browse everything anonymously. At the same time, Dumpor does not require you to log in to it. The service itself, being completely free, earns thanks to advertisements that do not interfere with work and do not bother users.

The development of a product like Dumpor doesn’t take much time and effort, but it hits the target exactly, satisfying the needs of the target audience. This is a good example of a painkiller startup. Excellent interface, ease of use and user anonymity.

Key Phases of a Web Service Startup Launch

First, let's understand what a web service is and how it differs from a website. A web service is a program on the Internet that provides a service or responds to a specific user requirement. For example, e-mail sends letters, Google searches the Internet for information, and a weather site shows the forecast.

In simple words, your future web application should provide a certain service to the target audience. To run a web service that users will love, you need to know how it works. This will help the startup to correctly set the task for the developers, control their work, and generally understand what exactly your startup needs. Pay attention to what is already on the market and offer the world a solution that will be easier and better.

We identify 5 main phases of your startup development:

  1. Idea Generation and Research
  2. Startup Validation and Launching
  3. MVP and MMP
  4. Product Improvement
  5. Startup Scaling and Growth

However, there is another very important thing in this equation — the budget. We will talk about it below. If you want to learn more about these phases, you can read this article.

Where and How to Get Funding for Your Startup Business

Instagram Video Downloader: Dumpor.com

Startup funding determines not only the speed with which you will develop, but also your direction. With modest budgets, you are unlikely to be able to develop a startup like Apple or Netflix. You need funding. Many entrepreneurs are stopped by the question “how to get a startup business loan?”. Well, there can actually be several options here. Research the needs of users, make a survey and be sure to ask what exactly people want. If your idea is really in demand on the market, most likely you will not have problems with investments or fundraising on crowdfunding.

Steal like an artist, you may already have ideas for how to meet the needs of other products. Before headlong emailing the software development company, fill out your business model canvas. If most of the things in the business model canvas are doable for you, great! Do market research, collect customer feedback, and test your idea for market validation. All these actions are simply necessary for the successful launch of your startup. 

After that, you can start developing an MVP and show the product to potential investors. Many people are looking for potentially successful investment projects. However, when you start a startup, you can face a lot of unpleasant things. Unfortunately, to think through everything to every detail is either very difficult or impossible at all. So how to evaluate a startup? In this matter, you can rely on Owlab by contacting us for a free consultation. We will provide you with all the calculations based on your requirements for the future product.

How to Find a Business Partner?

Take a look around, you may already be surrounded by talented people who are ready to work hard with you. Your friends, colleagues or like-minded people whom you trust can form the strong core of your future company. Perhaps among them there are developers or people who have already dealt with business - this will be a huge plus. However, if there are no talented software developers among your acquaintances, do not be discouraged. Often, young entrepreneurs turn to professionals, and do not try to learn programming as well.

Finding a software development vendor that provides high-quality technology solutions is also not an easy task, but a professional startup development company will greatly increase your chances of launching a successful product. Moreover, you don't have to wonder “how to start a software company from scratch?”. After all, Owlab already has all the necessary resources to realize the potential of your ideas! For more than 10 years, our company has earned a reputation as a reliable business partner that has helped young and ambitious entrepreneurs and startups achieve their goals.

Are you ready to make your ideas come true with Owlab?

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