Top 5 Specialties in IT Where You Don't Need to Code

Today, many people are thinking about a career in the IT field. Yes, a high salary, the possibility of remote work and a freer schedule are certainly an attractive prospect. In modern realities, the IT sector has begun to gain great popularity, and competition among novice specialists and requirements for juniors are constantly growing.

Web Development, Mobile App Development, Quality Assurance - there are a lot of development options for specialists, but not everyone wants to deal with code and program. Is there a place in IT for non-programmers? Is it possible to find a job in IT without programming skills? Of course, let's look at 5 professions that do not require programming skills!

UI/UX Designer & UX Writer

UI/UX Designer & UX Writer

UX (user experience) designer is a specialist who meets the convenience of a website or application and provides a positive user experience. UI (user interface) designer is a professional who fills the site with visuals and content and is responsible for the user interface. It is quite common to find universal designers who work in both UI and UX. UI/UX designers are constantly looking for the perfect balance between the beauty of design and its usability. UI and UX professionals don't actually need coding. Their main tools are Figma, Adobe PS and Sketch. In addition, they need user interface skills and an understanding of digital marketing.

A UX writer is a copywriter who translates technical text into a human-readable one. Its task is to insert the necessary lines into the site navigation and simplify the user experience. The specialist, together with the designer, chooses a convenient button layout so that the user can quickly find what he needs. 

HR Manager & Talent Search Specialist

Human Resources or human resources is a whole group of professions, which include:

  • The recruiter is a recruiting specialist, he also conducts interviews, conducts a full analysis and provides a report to management;
  • A corporate trainer is a pro in motivating employees, resolving various conflict situations between them and conducting trainings;
  • Headhunter - is looking for a specific specialist, but most often applying for a managerial position;
  • The HR manager - simply a personnel officer - is responsible for processing the documents of job candidates and existing employees.

HR in IT is not much different from HR from another industry and performs typical tasks. Large companies have entire HR departments, and the selection of employees takes place in several stages. This job is perfect for you if you are a sociable person or have experience working as a psychologist.

IT Sales Manager

A sales manager in IT is a specialist who is responsible for selling IT products, solutions and entire projects. In fact, a sales manager is an intermediary between a company that produces IT services and those who are interested in buying them. We can say that sales is the face of the company, since it is he who builds relationships with customers, which means it allows you to increase profits.

What a sales manager does can be summarized in these 5 points:

  • attract new customers and build relationships with them;
  • communicates with IT managers, CIOs and other experts on the products being sold;
  • looking for potential clients, arranging meetings with them, holding presentations;
  • is in contact with the marketing and presale department;
  • builds networking.

From here follow the main skills and competencies of sales: communication skills, the ability to convince, present the product, the ability to build and maintain relationships. In addition, the ability to analyze and predict is important. Sales managers have excellent salaries and good managers are highly valued, so even without code knowledge, this is a good profession in IT.

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist solves the problems of promoting and increasing website traffic, that is, he is engaged in its search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization specialists should be well versed in Internet marketing and be able to work with various analytics tools.

The main task of a SEO specialist is to customize the site to the requirements of top search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. This should be done with minimal time and money, trying not only to bring the site to high positions in search results (first page, ideally top 3), but also to maintain its leadership. 

There is also a profession of SEO copywriter - a specialist who writes SEO optimized text to raise the page to the top and get free traffic for the site.

Business Analyst

This professional saves all developers from a headache. He is responsible for conducting a briefing with the customer, evaluating the terms of reference, building deadlines for the project and ensuring other agreements with the client. The business analyst is the link between the developer and the customer. That is, after communicating with customers and collecting data, he passes all the information to his team. During the handover of the project, the analyst also helps the developers to hand over the project correctly. Subsequently, he gives feedback to the team and information about possible edits.

These 5 professions require you to have some skills, but you can easily master them without dealing with code, while getting a job in the IT field. If you need help from a professional development company, you can contact us using the form below. We hope this article was helpful to you!

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