Top 5: What Areas are Python Best Suited For?

Python is an object-oriented, interpreted, and high-level programming language. It is an expressive and easy-to-learn programming language that emphasizes readability and reduces the cost of maintaining applications.

The popularity and demand for Python is growing every year. This programming language is used in many areas, from web development to gamedev. According to GitHub, the most popular programming language of 2022 is JavaScript. Next come Python, Java, Typescript, and C#. Second place is a very strong position! At the same time, according to the Tiobe rating, Python is in first place in terms of the popularity of requests. It is one of the easiest languages to learn, yet it is very versatile. In this article we will tell you what areas are python best suited for.

1# Business Process Automation

1# Business Process Automation

Python is especially good for writing automation scripts. This language is often used not only to automate routine tasks, but also to simplify work algorithms in many areas of business. Also, one cannot fail to mention the automation of software testing, which sooner or later QA engineers have to master.

Automation of business processes significantly increases business income and reduces time and cost. Owlab, as a software development company, can create such software for you, which will significantly increase the efficiency of your business.

2# Web Scraping

There is a definition for collecting data from various sites - web scraping. Data is needed by many specialists of various profiles, and the tool to facilitate the data collection process offers the Python programming language. It is called a scraper - an automatic bot that is able to quickly and reliably copy a huge stream of data from sites and paste them into a specific table. In simple words, web scraping is the process of collecting and structuring large amounts of data for more convenient work with them.

Implementing a scraper with Python is easy, and the benefits are enormous. Imagine that you no longer need to manually collect and spend several hours in a row, everything is available automatically. Get millions of data points from the internet in just a few minutes and use it to your advantage. And if the flow is small, the scraper will be able to complete the task in just a couple of seconds.

3# Data Analysis and Data Science

The Internet is filled with a huge flow of data, users share any information with each other every second. Every company stores and constantly uses hundreds of terabytes of information. Information is often equated with oil for its value in today's realities. And according to forecasts, by 2025 the amount of data generated in the world can grow by 530%.

The Python programming language makes it possible to process, clean and visualize data. All this is available using various libraries, such as Numpy, Seaborn, etc. It is also used for machine learning. Data science professionals use Python to run models that predict a certain response after analyzing the information provided.

4# Web Development

To work with the backend, Python has several suitable frameworks at once. With Django and Flask, you can create a great backend for a website. Python is ubiquitous in web development. A huge proportion of popular sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Instagram were created using this language. You can check out our article “Top 10 Popular Websites Built With Django” to see the huge impact Python has on web development.

According to Built With, over a million websites have been developed with the help of Python, and this trend is not going to stop. Our company also uses the frameworks of this programming language to develop our products, and even this site was developed using Python. And this language is very much loved by DevOps specialists for its simple syntax.

5# Machine Learning & AI

Machines are already fully capable of learning when conducting automated analysis of a certain amount of data. At the same time, the need for programming is minimized in the process of machine learning.

Many libraries are suitable for the implementation of such tasks, for example, Numby, PyTorch, Pandas, etc. With their help, you can easily carry out all mathematical calculations, because they are able to do them automatically without human help. It will be enough to create an algorithm and everything is ready! It remains only to analyze the results obtained and choose the optimal solution for further tasks.



Python is a powerful language and can be used for just about everything. First of all, its versatility can be applied to everything in the world, as it offers several options by default, with normal libraries that solve almost any programming task quickly and easily.

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